[VIDEO] A Patient’s Perspective on Aesthetic Injections: “Ultrasound has completely changed my outlook on filler”

When Grace Jensen from Oak Park, Illinois first came to see Dani Sher at Sparkle Aesthetics a few years ago, she was looking for a confidence boost to face the endless Zoom meetings she attends. Years later, she is still excited to come in for her treatments.

I love getting filler treatments done,” Grace says. “I come in excited, I leave excited. I feel so much better about myself. I mean, it changes how I go about my day-to-day life, the confidence I have.”

While Grace is well aware of the risks and complications of filler injections, Dani’s use of ultrasound guidance during her treatments allows her to relax and enjoy their lively sessions.

I trust Dani because I know she is an expert on using ultrasound. Her treatments are a combination of artistry and science,” Grace explains. “I think ultrasound improves the treatment I’m receiving because it puts me at ease and helps mitigate fear of possible risks. And if something were to go wrong, she can see inside my face and resolve the issue.”

Watch this 2-minute video to hear more about Grace’s experience with her ultrasound-guided aesthetic treatments.

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Dani Sher is an ultrasound expert, injector trainer, and owner of Sparkle Aesthetics. She teaches one of the only accredited ultrasound courses for injectors where her students learn her award-winning Safe Mapping™ technique, a quick and easy application of ultrasound to inject into the right spot.

Dani shares her expert techniques during our one-hour webinar: Facial Filler Safety 101: Ultrasound Mapping for Accurate Aesthetic Injections. Join us to learn how to identify facial vasculature and avoid complications like intravascular occlusions.

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