[VIDEO] Orthopedic Surgeon is “Blown Away” by Image Quality of Clarius MSK Ultrasound

A prolific user of ultrasound for arthroscopic procedures and orthobiologic injections, Dr. Alan Hirahara, MD, FRCSC has an ultrasound system in every exam room and often carries one with him during sports events for quick assessments. 

Instead of having to carry around some large laptop-type ultrasound onto the field to evaluate an athlete, now we just simply grab our wireless little machine, which is in our pocket, pull it out, pair it with our iPad or iPhone if it’s faster, and then be able to assess someone very quickly right there on the field. It’s just so much better these days,” he says. “I’m blown away by the image quality I can see with such a small unit.” 

Watch our 4-minute video interview with Dr. Hirahara during a visit to his clinic in Sacramento, California to learn about his experience with the new Clarius Voice Control and how he thinks Clarius MSK imaging compares to cart-based systems. Or read below for highlights. 

How is ultrasound improving procedural safety at your clinic? 

So, ultrasound has, for me, revolutionized our ability to take care of patients. Injections now are much, much safer. Before, doing blind injections, sure, in certain parts of the body, there is not that much you’re going to hit or do damage to. But in certain areas, it can be very critical, like doing any kind of injection near a nerve. If you hit a nerve, you could damage it. It could become permanently harmed. With ultrasound guidance, we’re lowering the risk of causing harm. The risk of not damaging the nerve, the risk of not hitting a lung, the risk of not hitting a major vessel, essentially, it just shouldn’t happen anymore because we can see where we’re going with ultrasound.” 

What do you like about the third-generation Clarius system? 

For ease of use, the new Clarius systems have been amazing. It’s all really point and click. …this new system is so intuitive and the hand gestures and everything we get to do with it, just makes so much more sense. And with your new voice activation, it’s gotten ridiculous. It’s so easy.” 

How does Clarius compare to a cart-based ultrasound system? 

Those cart-based and compact systems have a little bit finer detail on looking at the architecture of specific anatomy and being able to analyze the architecture of, say, a tendon to see the partial tearing versus inflammatory process versus swelling versus overall problems versus full-on rupture. The fine detail that the new Clarius systems are giving us are very quickly approaching that level. [With] the new V3, I can actually start to assess architecture and morphology and actual tendon anatomy. It’s pretty incredible. It’s getting closer and closer, the differential between the two, where it may not be much of a difference soon.” 

Learn Dr. Hirahara’s Techniques for Visualizing the Achilles Tendon with Ultrasound  

Watch this 1-hour on-demand webinar to learn how effective, easy, and affordable it is to add handheld wireless ultrasound to your orthopedic, physical medicine, or pain management practice. Dr. Hirahara uses a cadaver ankle to demonstrate injection and surgical techniques using ultrasound to improve results. 

Ultrasound for Accurate MSK Injections and Interventions, Part 3: The Achilles

Care for Injuries Anywhere with Superior Wireless Ultrasound for MSK Imaging 

Now you can diagnose injuries with confidence and ensure procedural safety – in the OR, office, or on the field – with Clarius wireless ultrasound in hand for instant high-definition MSK imaging. With 8 times the processing power of most handheld ultrasound systems, Clarius HD3 gives you sharp and clear images of muscle and tissue to assess injuries and perform injections with confidence. You get clear visualization of your needle and target anatomy for safe, accurate procedures.  

Learn more about the benefits of Clarius ultrasound for orthopaedic surgery. Or feel free to book a virtual demonstration with a Clarius expert to learn more about Clarius ultrasound for your practice! 

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