[VIDEO] Why Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann Says the New Clarius Power Fan is “Simply Brilliant!”

Medical aesthetics expert and educator Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann was one of the first to use the new revolutionary Clarius Power Fan HD3, which provides unlimited power and cooling around the clock.

Especially for long and complicated procedures, the addition of the Power Fan has been absolutely invaluable. Patients are safer, practitioners are happier, and we can deliver exceptional predictability and safety in our procedures to get better outcomes. It’s simply brilliant,” says Dr. MJ, founder of Smileworks Hub

Dr. MJ recently used her Clarius L20 HD3 scanner during a day-long aesthetic training session: “No longer do I worry about the Clarius running out of battery or overheating. We can use the Clarius endlessly if we need to. During hands-on ultrasound training, it has been an absolute godsend.”

Watch the Clarius Power Fan HD3 in action in this one-minute video recorded at an aesthetics training session with Dr. MJ.

Clarius Power Fan HD3 is available now

Available now for new and existing users, the Clarius Power Fan enables all-day scanning with any of our ten HD3 portable ultrasound scanners. While other handheld ultrasound systems typically start running hot after 20 to 30 minutes, with this new accessory, clinicians can use Clarius ultrasound scanners without interruption 24/7. It provides continuous power supply and cooling, which is a first for handheld ultrasound systems. For long scanning sessions, clinicians can plug the Power Fan into a portable battery pack or an outlet to keep the scanner cool and running for as long as needed.

Current and new users of Clarius HD3 scanners in 90 countries can purchase the Clarius Power Fan for 159 USD in the United States, 210 CDN in Canada, 159 EUR in Europe, 134 GBP in the United Kingdom, and 234 AUD in Australia.

Book a Demo Today! 

We would be delighted to show you the world’s best handheld ultrasound scanner, now with continuous power and cooling. Please contact us for pricing and availability or to schedule a virtual demonstration with a Clarius expert in your region. 

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