[WEBINAR] Calling All Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists: Attend a Free Aesthetics Webinar by IMCAS Academy

Join us on Wednesday, March 24 for a live webinar hosted by the IMCAS Academy – Anatomical Echography in Aesthetics: Vascular Mapping, Evaluating Fillers and Treating Complications.

With its mission to build a bridge between aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology, the academy offers scientific education programs based on the latest academic and industry updates in the aesthetics field.

We’re thrilled to sponsor this live 90-minute webinar, which is bringing together six renown aesthetic professionals from Europe and the United States to discuss the use of ultrasound in their respective practices.

Free registration is now open!

Program Outline

Introduction by Co-Chairs

Hugues CARTIER, Dermatologist, France
Sebastien GARSON, Plastic Surgeon, France

Presentation: Facial anatomy and ultrasound

Peter VELTHUIS, Dermatologist, Netherlands

Presentation: Vascular embolism

Leonie SCHELKE, Phlebologist, Netherlands

Presentation: Evaluating fillers and complications using ultrasound in an aesthetic practice

Steven F WEINER, Facial Plastic Surgeon, United States

Presentation: Possibilities and perspectives of the use of intraoperative ultrasound in plastic surgery

Massimiliano Federico BRAMBILLA, Plastic Surgeon, Italy

Discussion and Q&A with the audience

Learn Why Dr. Weiner Believes Handheld Ultrasound is Essential for Safe Aesthetic Facial Procedures

Dr. Steven Weiner, one of the webinar presenters, was one of the first to use the Clarius L20 HD ultra-high-frequency handheld ultrasound scanner for superficial applications. Read our blog post about how he uses Clarius ultrasound to ensure safe and consistent dermal filler outcomes. Or, watch some brief instructional videos by Dr. Weiner in our Clarius Classroom.

With the miniaturization of high-definition ultrasound and advances in artificial intelligence, it’s easy and affordable to add Clarius HD to your aesthetics practice. Contact us today or request an ultrasound demo to see the difference ultra-high-definition imaging makes.

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