Clarius Meets Demand for High Definition Cardiac Ultrasound Imaging

Since the start of the pandemic, Clarius has seen a dramatic increase in the demand for handheld cardiac imaging at the bedside. In response, our team has focused on making the cardiac imaging on our phased array handheld ultrasound scanner better than ever.  

With the launch of the Clarius Ultrasound App 7.3 this week, we’re happy to announce that the Clarius PA HD is now available for high resolution cardiac ultrasound imaging. 

Dr. Zachary Laksman, MD, MSc, Cardiologist and Heart Rhythm Specialist who works in a busy academic centre was one of the first to try the new software,

I have been exceedingly impressed with the Clarius Phased Array Scanner and had the opportunity to trial the most recent software update (7.3). The image quality has always been truly outstanding, and now the platform is more intuitive and responsive. From trainee and patient education, to acute and chronic care settings, including peri-operative patient management, the Clarius scanner has exceeded expectations and provided new opportunities to improve care under the most difficult circumstances.”

Cardiac apical 4 chamber view captured with the Clarius PA HD

Compact and without wires to keep clean, Clarius ultrasound speeds disinfection and enables physicians to quickly triage and monitor COVID-19 patients. The Clarius PA HD offers clear cardiac ultrasound imaging and fast frame rates comparable to traditional hospital ultrasound systems, made possible by advanced 8 beamformer processing. It enables physicians to access the power of high-definition imaging using most iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.  

Pulsed waved Doppler captured with the Clarius PA HD

Portable bedside imaging has become an incredibly important part of my Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology practice,” says Dr. Laksman. “I have increasingly relied on my wireless Clarius scanner both in my office practice, on the hospital wards and in the peri-operative unit.” 

In addition to cardiac and lung ultrasound, the Clarius PA HD is suitable for FAST exams, superficial and transcranial imaging. Its no-subscription pricing includes unlimited cloud storage and image management for unlimited users, a 3-year warranty and forever-free software updates. 

PLAX M-mode captured with the Clarius PA HD

Our goal is to equip cardiac specialists with a handheld system that will serve them well during the pandemic and beyond by providing outstanding image quality in a compact form without wires,” says Clarius CEO Laurent Pelissier. 

Learn more about Clarius handheld ultrasound for bedside cardiac. If you would like to schedule a demo to see if Clarius is right for your practice, contact us today.   

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