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Explore how to bring new medical solutions to market faster with an OEM partnership. Only Clarius delivers a complete open-source platform that includes a software development kit, 10 wireless high-definition scanners, cloud exam management, and advanced Software-as-a-Service.

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Trusted Leader

A pioneer in handheld scanners with decades of ultrasound imaging experience.

Innovative Technology

Advanced ultrasound technology enhanced by AI with constant advancements.

Global Base

Wireless ultrasound technology used by clinical specialists worldwide.

World-Class Handheld Leader 

Unlock new business opportunities by joining us on our mission to improve patient care with medical imaging in every setting. Clarius is a world leading manufacturer of high-definition wireless ultrasound with an unwavering commitment to delivering the best image quality and a successful history in miniaturizing ultrasound technology. We have secured 20 percent market share, sold 17,000 scanners, and clinicians have used our scanner for over 3.5 million high-definition sessions worldwide. Explore our most complete and comprehensive handheld ultrasound solutions.

Best-in-Class Imaging

Powered by AI, eight beamformers, and 192 piezoelectric elements, only Clarius HD3 delivers the performance of compact systems.

Wireless Connection

Clarius HD3 features the latest antenna technology for the most reliable direct WIFI connection to iOS and Android devices.

Cloud Management

Clarius Cloud allows users to update their membership, manage unlimited exams, and build reports from anywhere.

10 Specialized Scanners

Only Clarius offers 10 handheld ultrasound scanners designed to deliver the best image quality for every medical specialist.

Software Development Kit

The Clarius SDK open architecture and set of tools allow developers to quickly take a solution from code to the clinician.

Solum API

Our standalone API allows partners to connect with Clarius scanners while the REST Interface communicates with Clarius Cloud.

Meet Some of Our Partners

Turtle Health Brings At-Home Ultrasound for Gynecological Care

The virtual care solution combines Clarius EC7 HD3 wireless transvaginal scanners and remote guidance with a trained clinician via Clarius Live telemedicine. Women conduct gynecological exams at home, capturing clinical-quality images that are then analyzed remotely. Research showed that remote fertility testing was comparable to in-clinic exams in providing high-quality information for fertility management decisions.

Trice Medical Integrates Single-Use Arthroscope with Wireless Ultrasound on One Tablet

Trice Medical partnered with Clarius to develop the new revolutionary mi-ultra™ with mi-tablet™, the world’s only diagnostic and therapeutic visualization technology that provides two clear ways to see into the body on the same tablet. Combining high-definition wireless ultrasound with a single-use handheld arthroscope, it allows orthopedic physicians to diagnose and treat patients in a minimally invasive way using a highly-portable and cost-effective integrated imaging platform.

ImaCor Introduces World’s Only Handheld Hemodynamic Ultrasound

ImaCor released the world’s first handheld transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) system designed to manage and guide care for critically ill patients in the ICU. The Zura Handheld Hemodynamic Ultrasound system, powered by Clarius, provides an instant, clear window to directly visualize preload and contractility over time. ImaCor received clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the first and only advanced handheld hemodynamic management platform, which helps clinicians make the right real-time decisions to deliver the best care for the most at-risk patients.

ThinkSono Streamlines POCUS Training with AI-Powered Software

ThinkSono offers digital training modules, live AI-powered guidance, and reporting to Clarius members through the Clarius Marketplace. ThinkSono’s integration with Clarius enables any healthcare professional to learn and practice point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) examinations, such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT) compression ultrasounds, using artificial intelligence and in-app tutorials. Clarius Marketplace provides a platform for ultrasound innovators, like ThinkSono, to bring their AI-powered software solutions to market faster by integrating with the Clarius ecosystem.

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