Clarius Report Finds 85% of Clinicians Believe Ultrasound Leads to Better Patient Outcomes

To better understand the state of ultrasound usage and market sentiment, we recently surveyed almost 700 physicians in various specialties from the US, UK, and Canada, 87% of whom own their own practice. Our goal was to understand what physicians believe about ultrasound. Does it bring value? How does it impact patient care? What are some of the common hurdles to bringing ultrasound into their practice?  

Today we’re excited to release our new report based on the survey, “State of Ultrasound 2023.”  

Key Findings 

  • 85% of clinicians surveyed believe that ultrasound leads to better patient outcomes. 
  • 87% plan to purchase additional ultrasound machines in the next year as a way to expand their services. 
  • Expanding services is the top driver for incorporating ultrasound into a medical practice.  
  • 86% of clinicians have an ultrasound machine at their practice.  
  • Not being trained in ultrasound is the primary reason for not purchasing a system.  
  • 89% of clinicians believe that all medical professionals should be trained in ultrasound.  

Commenting on the findings, Ohad Arazi, President and CEO at Clarius, said:

The fact that 86% of respondents already have access to ultrasound and yet 87% say they are considering a purchase in the next year is a clear indication that clinicians who are using ultrasound today believe there’s enough value to continue to invest in upgrading legacy systems or expanding access with additional systems. We see this trend in our own business; many of our customers report they are replacing legacy systems with personal handheld devices. There are also those who are realizing the unique benefits of carrying a personal device with them in addition to having access to traditional devices.”  

Industry analysts are also reporting incredible growth in the global ultrasound market, which is projected to reach $3.8 billion by 2031. According to Signify Research’s newly published report, handheld ultrasound market revenues are estimated to have grown by approximately 30% in 2021 and is expected to continue to experience double-digit growth.  

Ultrasound Adoption is Increasing as Device Costs Decrease 

Dr. Don Buford, a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and regenerative medicine, says that more of his colleagues are using ultrasound to guide procedures because cost is no longer a barrier.  

Traditionally there’s been a direct correlation between the money you spend and the image quality you get on laptop machines ranging from 28,000 to 60,000+ USD,” Dr. Buford explains. “Now, with Clarius, for about 5,000 USD all in, you’ll get a device with the image quality you need that will carry you all the way through your orthopaedic career.…” 

New Applications for Ultrasound at the Point of Care 

As the popularity of video conferencing has increased, so has the use of cosmetic fillers to reduce signs of aging. Aesthetic dermatologists are using Clarius ultrasound to avoid structures that can cause blindness and other unpleasant outcomes. 

Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann, a former dentist who now focuses her practice on aesthetic procedures, says she used to lose sleep due to her concerns about procedure safety. Then she started using ultrasound guidance. 

I think ultrasound is the most important development that has come to aesthetic medicine since the invention of filler,” she says. “There is nothing like it, never have we been able to see underneath the surface of the skin. And it is so important that we improve safety in our procedures.” 

Although those who know and use ultrasound wouldn’t practice without it, our survey also found that there are still obstacles and misconceptions to be overcome before the potential of ultrasound is fully realized in a broader range of practitioner settings. These include training, cost, portability, and workflow optimization to make time for introducing this modality at the point of care.  

For more insights on the “State of Ultrasound 2023,” download the full report here.  

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