How Ultrasound is Making a Difference at The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Clarius is proud to support medical professionals around the world with our Global Health Initiative. Our mission is to bring ultrasound to countries and rural communities where traditional ultrasound is not feasible. It is to our delight to hear stories like this from Dr. Izzy Hirji of the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone about how our scanners have found a role in enhancing care and treatment for their patients.

Since I’ve been here in Sierra Leone, we’ve had the chance to use the Clarius scanner several times and have been overwhelmed with the ease of use of this device and its capabilities.

We’ve resolved our internet connectivity issues and now have access to mobile wifi which can move with the scanner, allowing immediate upload to the cloud.

Recently we had a very ill chimp who required abdominal ultrasound. We performed 2 scans on her and were instantly able to send them to specialists in Canada for immediate diagnosis. This in turn guided our treatment plan as we discovered she had a severe ileus and likely pancreatitis.

As you know, we work in a challenging environment in field conditions with wild animals that require anesthesia in order to be scanned. The case of this ill chimp provided us with a good exercise in how to use the device and app. In the next month we have at least 3 elective procedures planned in which we plan on using the device to gather baseline data. We are planning to integrate a human health program into our One Health initiative for staff and their families, and have thought this could be a great tool for baseline measurements such as echocardiograms to assess heart disease in the local population, or abdominal scans when indicated.

The portability, ease of use, and ease of sending images/video loops for referral is simply incredible to have in conditions like these. The quality of the images is also incredibly high. Kudos to the team who developed such an incredible new medical technology, I think it will be very successful!!!!”

Izzy Hirji – Resident Veterinarian
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Freetown, Sierra Leone

We look forward to continuing our efforts to support Izzy and the Tacugama Sanctuary. You can find exams like these on our online Clarius Cases platform where users share, discuss and learn from cases around the world:

Whether you’re on a medical mission, doing humanitarian work, or are involved in a short-term trial, Clarius wants to encourage medical professionals to adopt the use of ultrasound anywhere it can help enhance patient care and save lives. Please see our Globe Health Initiative page for more information:

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