Ultrasound AI Breakthrough: Clarius is First to Detect Anatomy and Auto Select Preset for an Instant Window into the Body

With Clarius Ultrasound App V8.0, we’re excited to announce the first ultrasound systems that uses AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to automatically detect body anatomy being scanned by clinicians.

We’ve labelled tens of thousands of ultrasound images within our vast database to achieve this exciting breakthrough, which will help clinicians to get the answers they need more rapidly,” says Kris Dickie, Vice President of Research and Development at Clarius. “This is the first commercially available application that enables an ultrasound system to recognize anatomy on a macro level, allowing the AI to recognize different structures in the human torso.”

Clarius Auto Preset™ AI is Redefining the Handheld Ultrasound Imaging Experience

The new Auto Preset™ AI feature is now available with the Clarius C3 HD multipurpose and the Clarius PA HD phased array ultrasound systems.

Ideally suited for emergency medicine, EMS, critical care and primary care, these high-definition scanners now enable clinicians to quickly examine the abdomen, heart, lungs, bladder, and other superficial structures without additional interaction through the Clarius App on their iOS or Android smart mobile devices. The system automatically provides a clear image depending on where the scanner is placed, automatically optimizing for depth, gain and other parameters.

Clarius Auto Preset™ AI makes ultrasound easier to use, even for novice users. While there are so many reasons to choose a wireless scanner, we believe that Clarius Auto Present AI makes Clarius most useful for primary care and emergency medicine, especially in a sterile environment as physicians don’t need to touch any buttons or screens to examine an area of interest. They can simply place a fully disinfected/encased scanner on the torso and Clarius provides a clear window into the body.

Clarius users can simply download/upgrade their iOS or Android smart devices with the FREE Clarius Ultrasound App 8.0 from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Then, select Auto Preset™ AI and the Clarius App will automatically adjust settings to optimize imaging for the area being examined, as shown in this Clarius Classroom video:

In addition to Auto Preset™ AI, Version 8.0 of the Clarius Ultrasound App now includes dozens of new features and enhancements, most available across all ten wireless ultrasound scanners designed for clinicians across the medical spectrum.

Also New, Capturing and Documenting Surface Anatomy While Scanning

Another experience that’s new with Clarius Ultrasound App V8.0, clinicians can now capture and document photographs, taken with the mobile device camera, alongside the ultrasound images. This is an excellent way to provide context for education, reporting and patient information. Photos are captured without patient ID to comply with HIPAA and can be securely attached to the PDF exam report.

Users simply long press the camera button from the Clarius Ultrasound App to access the device’s camera, as shown in this Clarius Classroom video:

Accurate, easy-to-use and affordable wireless ultrasound imaging is here!

Not yet a Clarius user? We invite you to book a demo with a Clarius sonographer to see the difference high-definition imaging can make in delivering the best patient care.

Unlike alternatives, Clarius offers advanced innovation in-app, Clarius Cloud storage/management, Clarius Live telemedicine and Clarius Classroom at no additional cost, with zero subscription fees. With our free ecosystem that includes software updates for unlimited users, clinicians always get access to our latest innovations.

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