Clarius Ultrasound Education Initiative

We at Clarius Mobile Health understand there’s a large body of ultrasound education material available online. And a lot of it is really good. So some have asked why we want to create more. The simple answer is that Clarius is new and none of the material available today shows how to scan with our handheld wireless ultrasound scanners.

So we’re starting to work with experienced educators to produce some basic videos. Since we don’t have regulatory clearance yet, we’re using models and phantoms. We hope to add cases and videos with pathology from our community of users as soon as we’re allowed to scan real patients.

We filmed our first video with Chris Eddy, who has more than 10 years of experience in the ultrasound field as a sonographer and an educator. In addition to teaching and practicing sonography, Chris is the President and Partner of ProMed HR Solutions based in Vancouver, BC.

Chris was in our office recently to demo the Clarius scanner, and shot several education videos demonstrating the basics of ultrasound. In this video, Chris explains the basics of using ultrasound for needle guidance.

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