[VIDEO] Finally, an Easy Way for Aesthetic Clinicians to Instantly Identify Ultrasound Anatomy  

We’re thrilled to share news about our latest ultrasound invention. T-ModeTM AI by Clarius is a groundbreaking educational technology to help clinicians who are new to ultrasound advance their image interpretation skills using Clarius handheld scanners. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), T-Mode TM AI creates a split screen during an exam that displays a colorful anatomical image with labels next to the grayscale ultrasound image  

The engineering team at Clarius has spent nearly a decade pushing the innovation barriers of ultrasound; we’ve removed wires, improved image quality and shrunk scanners to the size of an iPhone. And we’ve been using AI to make them easy to use. But I believe T-Mode is the most ground-breaking technology we’ve seen since the invention of B-Mode in the 70s and Color Doppler in the 80s because it truly makes ultrasound easy to learn for novice users,” says Clarius founder Laurent Pelissier. “Now we’re very excited to bring T-Mode to market to help more users unlock the power of ultrasound to deliver the best patient care.” 

T-Mode AI is available now for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery applications with Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners. Additional anatomical models supporting more medical specialties will be released over time. T-Mode is intended for educational and training purposes only. It is not intended for diagnostic use, interventional use, or filler detection. Current users with Clarius Membership can access the new feature through the latest version of the Clarius App.  

What our users say about T-Mode AI 

T-Mode is the beginning of a new era of ultrasound learning where AI acts as our “teacher” or “guide”,” says Dr. Stefania Roberts, a phlebologist and experienced cosmetics physician practicing in Melbourne, Australia. “The learning curve to master ultrasound is steep, but with T-Mode, one can examine the temple region, lips, and cheek whereby fat, muscle, SMAS and bone are shown in different colours and then labelled so the user can confirm what the different layers in the face look like.” 

Dr. Pat Pazmiño who has been using Clarius at his plastic surgery practice in Florida for 6 years believes T-Mode will enhance the learning of fat grafting techniques:

Clarius continues their commitment to plastic surgery education with the introduction of T-Mode. This new interface allows surgeons to practice identifying the different subcutaneous layers and planning their fat grafting targets before they go to the OR.” 

Affordable, High-Definition Ultrasound for Aesthetics 

Wireless and pocket-sized, Clarius handheld ultrasound scanners deliver the high-definition imaging and performance of traditional ultrasound systems for a small fraction of the cost. They are the leading choice for plastic surgeons and aesthetics practitioners performing ultrasound-guided procedures to ensure patient safety.  

Visit our aesthetics page to learn or request a virtual ultrasound demo today to learn how high-definition ultrasound imaging with voice controls can improve safety and deliver consistent patient outcomes at your aesthetic practice!   

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