[VIDEO] Palpation vs Ultrasound? Why Physiotherapist Greg Fritz Carries the Clarius HD3 Wherever He Goes

Greg Fritz, a doctor of physical therapy with four clinics in Washington State, has been using Clarius ultrasound for his practice for nearly three years. An avid user of the Clarius L15 HD and the Clarius L7 HD since October 2020, Dr. Fritz was among the first to use the new third generation Clarius. We recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Fritz and we’re excited to share his rave review of the Clarius L15 HD3.

It’s the sexiest scanner that exists today. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It blows the total socks off of any other scanner out there. It’s a dream tool,” he enthused. “It’s smaller. It balances nicely in my hand. The imaging quality, I think, is more impressive. I think the sensitivity on the Doppler is also better.”

Watch our video interview with Dr. Fritz to learn about how he uses Clarius ultrasound and read below about how he’s expanding access to MSK ultrasound in the San Juan Islands.

Beyond Palpation! Handheld Ultrasound Delivers a Confident Diagnosis

Using specific examples, Dr. Fritz explained the limitations of palpation for diagnosing MSK pathologies, “I can’t palpate if the median nerve is larger than it should be. I can’t palpate whether the plantar fascia is the problem or if it’s the nerve near there that’s causing the problem. I can’t assure myself if the weakness that a person has in their shoulder is because they have torn their rotator cuff.”

By using Clarius ultrasound to image musculoskeletal structures in high-definition, both at rest and in motion, Dr. Fritz is able to make a rapid diagnosis and get his patients on the right treatment plan on their first visit.

When a person sees me, in a half hour period of time, I’m able to scan them and perform a physiotherapy assessment … patients leave with a home program and they can feel incredibly confident.”

Providing Imaging Services on the Fly

In 2021, Greg’s passion for ultrasound and his unique MSK training as a physical therapist and sonographer led him to transition his services beyond patient care in his clinics. He began to deliver imaging services to physicians with private practices in the San Juan Islands.

I’m a pilot and I have my own plane, so I was able to deliver imaging care to my colleagues on a regular basis,” he explains. “Plus, it’s so easy to carry my Clarius scanners with me wherever I go.”

He says his biggest wins come from using ultrasound to show patients exactly what is happening to cause them pain and to motivate them to do the work to recover.

Clarius HD3 for MSK

Clarius offers three ultrasound scanners that deliver superior ultrasound imaging for MSK applications. Learn more about which Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner is right for your practice. Or contact us today to request a virtual ultrasound demo.

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