[VIDEO] Patient Skips Out of Clinic Following Ultrasound-Guided Pain Procedure

Having maintained an active lifestyle for 81 years, Eileen Calandra had no issues living in a New York City walk-up until April 2021 when she suddenly began to have severe pain in her left foot. Fortunately, Eileen was soon referred to pain management specialist, Dr. David Rosenblum.

I came here to Dr. Rosenblum, and he used a procedure on me six months ago, where I just skipped out of the office and been on my way ever since,” Eileen explained when we had the opportunity to interview her during a subsequent visit. “When I was in pain, I was unable to even leave my apartment. My family had to come there and take care of me. And after the procedure that I had with Dr. Rosenblum, I was restored to my normal life.”

Watch our brief video interview with Eileen to hear about her experience with Dr. Rosenblum and his use of ultrasound for her procedures.

Dr. Rosenblum uses the Clarius L7 HD high-frequency handheld ultrasound scanner for his practice, which he says works well for all of his ultrasound-guided pain management procedures, shallow and deep.

I believe ultrasound improves the care because it gives an extra benefit to the doctor rather than just guessing as to where he should administer the pain medication. I think the ultrasound gives him a perfect guide to where to administer it,” continued Eileen. “It makes me feel very confident.”

Video Demonstration: Tarsal Tunnel Injection Performed by Dr. Rosenblum

Eileen returned to see Dr. Rosenblum six months later when her symptoms returned. Watch this video to see Dr. Rosenblum perform her ultrasound-guided tarsal tunnel injection.

Gaining Patient Trust with Safe, Accurate Ultrasound-Guided Pain Procedures

Dr. Rosenblum is a strong advocate for the use of handheld ultrasound for better patient outcomes and has been an avid supporter of Clarius since he began using the device three years ago.

Handheld ultrasounds are revolutionizing pain management in the sense that they’ve become more affordable and easier to implement in one’s practice,” says Dr. Rosenblum. “The Clarius ultrasound gives me a lot of confidence when performing procedures. It also inspires confidence in my patients. They tend to look at what I’m doing as something cutting-edge and high-end.”

You’re invited to join Dr. Rosenblum on February 16th for his free educational webinar “Head to Toe Analgesia: Ultrasound-Guided Subacromial, Cluneal Nerve, Knee, and Tarsal Tunnel Injections.” He will dive into 4 real-patient procedures recently captured on video, include Eileen’s case study, to demonstrate how to perform needle-guided interventions that improve patient safety and procedural success. Save your seat today!

With high-definition nerve and musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging, Clarius HD is the ideal wireless ultrasound system for safe, accurate procedure guidance. Learn more about the three specialty scanners that are suitable for pain management. Or contact us today to request a virtual ultrasound demo.

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