[VIDEO] Why Dr. Tom Cook Uses a Phased Array Ultrasound Scanner for EMED

Having used ultrasound in his emergency medicine practice for more than 25 years and running 1500 point of care (POCUS) ultrasound courses, it’s safe to say Dr. Tom Cook has experienced the evolution of ultrasound technology firsthand.  

I got involved with ultrasound as soon as I arrived in South Carolina 26 years ago and I’ve just been fascinated with every realm of the technology,” he explains during a recent video interview. 

Since the third generation of the Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound systems were introduced in 2022, Dr. Cook has been carrying the Clarius PA HD3 in his pocket during his shifts in the ER.  

I tend to use a phased array almost exclusively because I can cover the chest, I can cover the thorax, I can cover the abdomen, I can cover the rectal perineum, I can cover the pelvis and at least nudge myself in the right direction,” he says. 

Watch this 2-minute video to learn what Dr. Cook has to say about the importance of high-quality images and the advantage of carrying a pocket ultrasound without wires. 

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Cardiac POCUS Part 3: Resuscitation with Handheld Ultrasound

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