[VIDEO] Why Using Ultrasound Helps an Aesthetic Physician Sleep Soundly

I want to be able to look my patients in the eye and tell them I did everything I could to keep them safe,” says Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann in response to a question about why she began using ultrasound at her aesthetics practice. “It has given me the peace of mind to go home and sleep soundly at night.”

A former dentist, Dr. MJ now limits her practice to performing aesthetic procedures for her patients, helping referred patients suffering from complications related to aesthetic procedures, and teaching colleagues how to use ultrasound. She is the clinical director at the SmileWorks Hub, a dental and aesthetic clinic in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

I think ultrasound is the most important development that has come to aesthetic medicine since the invention of filler,” she says. “There is nothing like it, never have we been able to see underneath the surface of the skin. And it is so important that we improve safety in our procedures.”

Dr. MJ’s ultrasound training coincided with the beginning of the pandemic when she heard from fellow practitioners who had been using ultrasound to improve procedure safety. She also learned about the availability of affordable handheld ultrasound devices.

I think Clarius sits in a league of its own and that’s a good thing. We have this accessible device that can be used in aesthetic medicine to improve safety for patients. This tiny machine has phenomenal processing power and image quality and when you combine it with external displays, like an iPad or an iPad Pro, Clarius is so close to the conventional cart-based systems. Yet it’s in a lower price league so aesthetic practitioners can easily incorporate it in their practices.”

Dr. MJ has been using the Clarius L20 HD since 2020 and recently switched to the new Clarius L20 HD3, which is 30% smaller and lighter than its predecessor. We recently had the opportunity to talk to Dr. MJ during a video interview about her experience with using ultrasound guidance. Watch this short video to learn what she had to say.

Learn Dr. MJ’s Ultrasound Guidance Techniques for Safe Filler Injections

Join us for a one-hour webinar, “Avoiding Filler Complications Using Ultrasound To Guide Safe Cheek, Temple, and Tear Trough Injections“, with Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann on August 9, 2022. You’ll learn how to use wireless ultrasound to optimize the safety of dermal filler injections in the cheeks, temples, and tear troughs. Dr. MJ will demonstrate her techniques for ensuring consistent and predictable injections every time for aesthetically pleasing results for your patients.

Wireless Ultrasound for Safer Aesthetic Procedures

Clarius high-resolution ultrasound is giving medical practitioners an edge, enabling them to look under the skin to effectively visualize blood vessels and nerves to avoid complications, while placing fillers in the right plane for the best results. The Clarius L20 HD3 is the world’s first high-frequency handheld ultrasound scanner, with exceptional superficial imaging for facial aesthetics. Contact us today or request an ultrasound demo to see how high-definition imaging can help you improve safety and deliver consistent patient outcomes in your aesthetic practice!

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