How does handheld compare to compact ultrasound?

With Clarius high-definition wireless ultrasound, you get the image quality of a compact in a super-affordable system.

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Clarius Handheld Ultrasound Scanner


Portable Ultrasound with One Transducer

Save Up to 85% Over Compacts

Best-in-Class Image Performance on Par with Compacts

Patellar Tendon Insertion Clarius Take 2

Images captured on same day with same patient

Improve Patient Safety with Superior MSK Imaging

Powered by artificial intelligence, 192 piezoelectric elements, and (not one but) eight beamformers, only Clarius HD3 delivers the high performance and image quality of compact-based systems in a small form factor that feels like a traditional transducer. You can confidently guide your needle to the target anatomy with 100% accuracy every time.

Save Time and Streamline Workflows with AI

Quick to start, Clarius scanners allow you to image in seconds and are easy to take from patient to patient. Artificial intelligence features like Needle Enhance and specialized MSK presets replace complex knobs or buttons to deliver the best imaging automatically and quickly so you can focus on your patient. Use simple swipe gestures or voice controls to adjust depth and gain.

Protect Your Sterile Field with Wireless Ultrasound

With no wires to compromise your sterile field or get in the way, you have absolute freedom to scan more patients safely in the clinic, hospital, or field. Simply place your lightweight Clarius scanner in a sterile bag and give it a wipe when your procedure is complete. Clarius is IP67 rated, waterproof, and fully submersible for rapid disinfection.

Save Space and Improve Patient Engagement

Lightweight and ultra-portable, Clarius scanners require zero footprint and feature the latest antenna technology for the most reliable direct WIFI connection to your iOS or Android device. With no wires or bulky carts limiting monitor placement, you can easily share real-time imaging and talk patients through their procedure to boost their confidence.

Keep Records on the Cloud or DICOM

Included with your Clarius Membership, Clarius Cloud allows you to easily store unlimited patient exams, make notations, generate reports, share exams, and access them from anywhere, anytime. Save thousands on annual PACS costs by transferring saved images and videos from Clarius to a PACS system through the current DICOM web standard.

Save Up to 85% Over Compacts

With super-affordable high-definition ultrasound, there’s no need to share one system or drag the tower from room to room. Easily carry Clarius in your pocket or keep a scanner in every room. With a super-affordable price point, you’ll achieve rapid ROI.

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Powered by AI with specialized presets and customizable workflows, Clarius HD3 automatically optimizes imaging to deliver a superior ultrasound scanning experience. With seven scanners, we have a wireless ultrasound solution that’s perfect for you. Book a virtual demo with our experts to learn which scanner can deliver the best ultrasound imaging for your practice.

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