Clarius Cases: Eye Exam

When most people outside the medical profession think of ultrasound, they often associate it with a developing fetus. However, only about 20% of all ultrasound is used for obstetrics.

Ultrasound is used for a variety of scenarios by medical professionals from a wide range of specialties. In fact, there are so many use case applications that it’s almost impossible to list them all.

One interesting ultrasound use case was demonstrated to us by a Clarius user and physician who uses ultrasound for eye exams.  High frequency ultrasound  is used to measure and produce detailed images of the eye and the eye orbit.

This test provides a much more detailed view of the inside of an eye than is possible during a routine eye exam.  An ultrasound eye exam can be done in an office, outpatient imaging center, or a hospital. It is useful in identifying tumors, glaucoma, foreign substances, or detachment of the retina.

The clips below were uploaded by Dr. Thomas Cook to Clarius Cases, an education portal featuring interesting images and clips by our users.

*Using a the Clarius linear-array transducer, Dr. Thomas Cook was able to get a get a good image of the eye in a patient with acute vision loss. As indicated by Dr Cook, there is no evidence of retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, or papilledema.

To see more Clarius use cases, visit the Clarius Cases section on our website.

*This indication of use feature has received clearance by the FDA; opthalmic/ocular indications/presets have not been licensed by Health Canada for sale or use in Canada.

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