[VIDEO] Innovation Corner: Learn How to Use Handheld Ultrasound to Avoid Danger Zones During Aesthetics Procedures

The use of cosmetic fillers has increased dramatically in recent years and so have the risks and complications such as swelling and migration of the filler. While rare, there has also been an increase in more serious vascular occlusions, which can cause blindness, tissue necrosis, or Bell’s palsy. Rapid, effective treatment is critical in these cases.

To avoid complications, physicians like Dr. Steven Weiner, a board-certified head and neck surgeon, are using the Clarius L20 HD3 ultra high-frequency linear scanner to map the face prior to aesthetic procedures. They believe it’s particularly important for procedures near the danger zones, including the labial arteries, the angular artery in the nasolabial fold, and the temporal arteries.

I like to evaluate vascular structures in advance,” he explains. “By using ultrasound for vascular mapping, I know where to avoid structures during injections. I know the depth of the vessels so I can avoid them by injecting either superficial or deep to these vessels.”

With Clarius high-definition ultrasound imaging, clinicians can also visualize the needle to accurately locate and dissolve problematic fillers with hyaluronidase. This drastically reduces the amount required and clinicians can see the nodules dissolve before their very eyes.

To learn how to use the Clarius L20 HD3 for facial mapping and to hear from Dr. Weiner, we invite you to watch this brief video clip from our recent Innovation Spotlight. You’ll also hear from a patient about her experience with Dr. Weiner.

Improve Patient Safety with Ultra High-Definition Ultrasound

Clarius handheld ultrasound is the leading choice for aesthetics practitioners to clearly visualize facial and superficial anatomy in real-time to safely guide procedures, including cosmetic fillers. That’s because Clarius scanners are more affordable and easier to learn than traditional systems. The Clarius L20 HD3 is the world’s only high-frequency ultrasound (20MHz) in a wireless scanner, with exceptional superficial imaging for facial aesthetics and advanced features like Vessel Depth AI to automatically measure the depth of vascular structures.

Contact us today or request a virtual ultrasound demo to see the difference ultra-high-definition imaging can make for your patients.

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