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We are fortunate to work with world class ultrasound expert instructors at Clarius for our webinars and Clarius Classroom ultrasound tutorials for numerous medical specialties. If you subscribe to our email list, we’ll send you regular updates on free educational materials as they become available.  

This year we have Dr. Alan Hirahara, Trent Brereton, ND, Dr. Alex Del Duca, ND, Dr. Frank Johnson, Mr. Mark Schmitz and Dr. Greg Hickman to thank for sharing their expertise with ultrasound-guided procedures. Scroll down to for our annual round-up of webinars and videos available now to watch at your convenience. 

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Learn Expert Ultrasound Tips for Musculoskeletal Injections in Under 5 Minutes 

There are over 500 hundred video tutorials on Clarius Classroom, most of which are under five minutes. Here’s a short list of some of the new MSK videos we added to our extensive library this year. Visit Clarius Classroom to search for tutorials by specialty or specific application. 

Hear From Some of Our Users 

Dr. Johnson is the only sports medicine physician in Canada with an RMSK Certification. He uses the Clarius L15 HD3 in his practice and teaches other clinicians Sport Medicine Ultrasound with other tutors across Canada.  

The Clarius L15 HD3 is the perfect probe for sports medicine,” he says. “It can see that first two and a half to three centimeters exceptionally well. There are other machines out there on the market that we would call kind of an all-in-one, that can be everything to everybody, but we all know that’s a fantasy. The L15 HD3 is perfect for sports medicine.”  

After diving into ultrasound training two years ago, Dr. Trent Brereton, ND, has become a passionate advocate.  

When you’re injecting using landmark guidance, you can have a feel, but at the end of the day, you do not know exactly where your needle tip is because everyone’s anatomy is a little bit different. And even as a skilled land marker with good palpation skills and good understanding of anatomy, there’s always variation in human anatomy and their specificity.”  

A prolific user of ultrasound for arthroscopic procedures and orthobiologic injections, Dr. Alan Hirahara, MD, FRCSC often carries a Clarius ultrasound system with him to sports events for quick assessments. 

Instead of having to carry around some large laptop-type ultrasound onto the field to evaluate an athlete, now we just simply grab our wireless little machine, which is in our pocket, pull it out, pair it with our iPad or iPhone if it’s faster, and then be able to assess someone very quickly right there on the field. It’s just so much better these days,” he says. “I’m blown away by the image quality I can see with such a small unit.”  

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