[VIDEO SERIES] Learn from the Best: EMED Practioners Share Their POCUS Tips

The introduction of the Clarius PAL HD3 dual-array wireless ultrasound scanner was the big news for emergency medicine.  

Combining the imaging power of the low-frequency phased array for deep cardiac, lung, and abdominal imaging to 40 cm with the high-frequency linear for superior superficial imaging, it’s the ideal handheld ultrasound scanner for clinicians seeking diagnostic flexibility. 

Watch this video to learn about the benefits that Dr. Brian Johnson identified after carrying the Clarius PAL in his pocket during his shifts. 

Dr. Oron Frenkel was one of the first to “test drive” the new Clarius PAL HD3. Watch the interview with Dr. Frenkel to learn more about why he “wholeheartedly recommends” Clarius PAL to his colleagues. 

Finally, watch our 3-minute interview with Dr. Tom Cook as he describes five reasons the Clarius is ideal for the emergency department.

Free 1-Hour Webinars Tailored for Emergency Medicine Physicians 

We hosted three emergency-medicine-focused webinars featuring Dr. Oron Frenkel and Dr. Tom Cook in 2023. They are all available to watch at your convenience. Scroll down to see what you may have missed. 

Popular Clarius Classroom Videos for Emergency Medicine 

Watch Dr. Oron Frenkel demonstrate his systematic approach to locating and scanning the gallbladder in this one-minute video

Hemodynamic parameters such as Stroke Volume (SV) and Cardiac Output (CO) are critical for evaluating emergency and critically ill patients in point-of-care environments. Watch this two-minute video to see Shelley Guenther demonstrate her technique with the Clarius phased array scanner. 

Watch Clarius PAL in action as Dr. Oron Frenkle demonstrates how to minimize the time it takes to perform an eFAST exam. Auto Preset™ AI (Artificial Intelligence) recognizes the anatomy being scanned and optimizes the image settings for more diagnostic images.

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Not using Clarius Ultrasound Yet? 

If we’ve piqued your interest in discovering more about Clarius ultrasound, we invite you to book a virtual demonstration to discuss which Clarius scanner is ideal for your practice. Or visit our emergency medicine page for more information. 

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