Beyond the Quadruple Aim: 8 Ways to Elevate Healthcare Excellence

At Clarius, we believe point-of-care ultrasound is a critical tool for institutions striving to achieve the Quadruple Aim in Healthcare, which seeks to achieve a balance between patient experience, improving population health, reducing healthcare costs, and promoting the well-being of healthcare providers.   

Our new Clarius PAL HD3 dual-array wireless ultrasound scanner was designed as the ultimate affordable and easy-to-use point-of-care ultrasound system to help clinicians achieve their patient care goals. With FDA Clearance and CE Mark Certification, this unique scanner that combines phased and linear arrays on a single head is available in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Here are eight ways you can help elevate healthcare excellence by integrating wireless handheld dual-array ultrasound into your workflow:  

1. Empower Better Patient Care Everywhere 

In busy healthcare settings, the Clarius PAL delivers an instant window to support diagnostic confidence and safe procedural guidance. Healthcare providers can conduct real-time diagnostic imaging at the bedside, gaining immediate access to vital information about their condition. This directly translates into reduced reliance on supplementary tests or imaging procedures, speeding up diagnosis and treatment decision-making. Furthermore, it improves communication dynamics by allowing healthcare providers to directly illustrate and elucidate imaging findings to patients.  

2. Improve Population Health   

The integration of Clarius PAL holds the potential to transform population health by enabling rapid diagnosis and ongoing monitoring across a spectrum of conditions. This capacity for early detection and timeline intervention bears the promise of improved health outcomes, particularly in regions that are underserved or geographically remote, where access to sophisticated imaging resources is often limited. In urban centers, it shines as an invaluable asset in emergency and critical care scenarios, offering rapid assessment capabilities that enable healthcare providers to prioritize patients based on the gravity and urgency of their conditions. Rapid, accurate diagnoses help to triage patients to ensure immediate life-saving treatments.    

3. Reduce Healthcare Costs   

Handheld ultrasound reduces the necessity for costly and time-intensive imaging procedures, such as CT and MRI scans, by delivering rapid bedside assessments. This approach averts unwarranted patient transfers, reduces hospital length of stay, and trims the expenses linked to inter-facility patient transportation. Clarius PAL is budget-friendly at 80 to 85% savings compared to conventional ultrasound systems. Clinical research has proven point-of-care ultrasound is “a valuable tool to assist in prompt and accurate diagnosis, which could potentially reduce the quantity of undesirable effects such as radiation and cost seen with other advanced imaging modalities (e.g., computed tomography).” One study recommended a POCUS-first approach, estimating 31.1 USD million in national savings “by avoiding 143,000 CT scans.” Healthcare institutions adopting Clarius can anticipate substantial cost reductions  

4. Support Well-Being of Healthcare Providers   

By helping clinicians expedite precise bedside diagnoses, Clarius PAL effectively mitigates the requirement for repetitive consultations or treatment delays. This eases the burden of managing intricate cases and offers respite from the stress and burnout that often accompanies such scenarios. By fostering rapid and accurate decision-making, handheld ultrasound notably correlates with heightened job satisfaction among healthcare providers.  

5. Perform Whole-Body Exams with One Versatile Device 

Clarius PAL stands out by offering the broadest frequency range (1 to 15 MHz) and greatest depth to 40 cm, making it the preferred handheld for clinicians seeking the ultimate in image quality and diagnostic flexibility. With whole-body ultrasound imaging of superficial to deep structures, it supports a wide spectrum of clinical applications, from vascular access to cardiac assessments. 

6. Streamline Workflows and Increase Efficiency with AI 

With the phased and linear arrays on the same side, you can seamlessly switch between presets with a single click. Clarius Auto Preset™ AI recognizes anatomy, automatically selecting the correct preset to optimize imaging. Clinicians say they can perform 95 to 99% of bedside exams with a single scanner, eliminating the need to swap probes, reducing interruptions, and improving workflow continuity. 

7. Enhance Diagnostic Confidence with Superior Image Quality 

Powered by AI, 192 piezoelectric elements, and (not one but) eight beamformers, the Clarius PAL HD3 delivers up to 8X the processing power and frame rates of other handhelds. Only Clarius offers the performance and image quality of a compact ultrasound system with multiple transducers, in a single wireless scanner. Crystal-clear imaging leaves no room for ambiguity, so clinicians can make precise diagnoses and formulate treatment plans with confidence. 

8. Save Space and Protect a Sterile Field with Wireless Ultrasound 

Lightweight and ultra-portable, Clarius scanners require zero footprint and feature the latest antenna technology for the most reliable direct WIFI connection to iOS or Android phones and tablets. With no wires to get in the way or to infect a sterile field, clinicians have the freedom to scan patients anywhere. Superior needle imaging improves the accuracy and safety of biopsies, nerve blocks, and vascular access procedures. There are no wires to transport or clean so clinicians simply use a sterile bag and wipe Clarius after the procedure. Clarius is IP67-rated, waterproof, and fully submersible for rapid disinfection. 

Book a Virtual Demo with a Clarius Expert 

Interested in exploring how Clarius PAL HD3 dual-array (phased + linear) scanner can make a difference for your healthcare environment? Book a demo with our experts today! Let us show you high-definition imaging in action and how you can seamlessly switch between cardiac, vascular, and deep and shallow lung imaging with one wireless ultrasound scanner. 

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