[VIDEO] How Does Clarius Handheld Ultrasound Compare to a Compact System for MSK Imaging? 

A common question our team is asked at tradeshows and during product demonstrations is how Clarius Handheld ultrasound systems compare to traditional compact ultrasound systems.  

It’s an easy question to answer: “With Clarius high-definition wireless ultrasound, you get the image quality of a compact system in a super affordable system.” We provide some details such as image quality, pricing, and portability comparisons. 

But future users don’t only have to rely on what we have to say. We often ask current users to offer their opinions. For example, Dr. Frank Johnson had plenty to say about the topic. Originally trained as a family physician, he now runs a sports medicine practice and trains physicians on how to perform ultrasound-guided injections. 

My earliest experience with ultrasound was trying to be a cheap skate and find the lowest cost way I can get into the market,” he says “I found a used one on eBay and got a really good deal. Lo and behold, it was a good deal because it came dead on arrival. Fortunately, (the manufacturer) repaired it but I learned my lesson. Don’t cheap out on ultrasound, get something good that’s going to last.” 

Now, he often recommends Clarius wireless ultrasound to his colleagues and students who are getting started with ultrasound. 

Clarius devices are lighter than they used to be, and they’re more compact than they used to be, and they’re more reliable than they used to be. When I compare that with the sort of clamshell machines, or other machines, the Clarius just outperforms them because it’s so much more flexible. With a tablet on a stand that I can move around quite easily, with no cords to trip over, it’s a treat to use.” 

Watch our 2-minute video with Dr. Frank Johnson to learn more about his experience with Clarius ultrasound. 

Save Up to 85% Over Compact Ultrasound with Clarius HD Wireless Ultrasound Systems 

Powered by artificial intelligence, 192 piezoelectric elements, and eight beamformers, only Clarius HD3 delivers the high performance and image quality of compact-based systems in a small form factor that feels like a traditional transducer. You can confidently guide your needle to the target anatomy with accuracy every time. 

Visit our MSK page for more information. Or book a virtual demonstration with a Clarius expert to learn more about which Clarius ultrasound is right for your practice.  

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Con tecnología de IA con ajustes preestablecidos especializados y flujos de trabajo personalizables, Clarius HD3 optimiza automáticamente las imágenes para brindar una experiencia de escaneo de ultrasonido superior. Con 7 escáneres, tenemos una solución de ultrasonido inalámbrica que es perfecta para usted. Reserve una demostración virtual con nuestros expertos para saber qué escáner puede ofrecer las mejores imágenes de ultrasonido para su consulta.