[VIDEO] Does POCUS Give You Superpowers in the Emergency Department?

At Clarius, we spend a lot of time talking to clinicians about their experiences with Clarius ultrasound and the general benefits of point of care (POCUS) ultrasound. We are struck by how frequently they credit their ability to use ultrasound with literally saving the life of a patient.  

We see a lot of people with undifferentiated presentations, things that are confusing, not a textbook presentation by any means,” says Dr. Oron Frenkel who practices at a busy urban hospital and in remote clinics. “There’s one memorable experience this summer when there was a patient with very undifferentiated presentation; within 30 seconds of scanning them with a Clarius scanner, suddenly I realized they had a life-threatening condition and needed emergency surgery.” 

Watch this 3-minute video to hear three ED physicians share recent examples of how ultrasound helped them identify and treat a life-threatening condition when every second counted. 

Use your POCUS Superpower Anywhere with the Clarius PAL HD3 Whole-Body Ultrasound  

Designed to provide high-quality images of the whole body, the new Clarius PAL HD3 is a wireless handheld whole-body ultrasound scanner combining phased and linear arrays on a single head.  It offers superior image quality and exceptional versatility for real-time imaging of both superficial and deep anatomy at the bedside, making it suitable for a wide range of clinical applications while improving workflow continuity. Clarius HD3 is as compact as an iPhone and works seamlessly with iOS or Android devices, ensuring easy mobility from patient to patient.  

Having received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it is available now in the United States and pending regulatory clearance in other regions. 

Contact us today to book a virtual demo with a Clarius expert. We look forward to discussing how you access POCUS superpowers for your practice. 

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