[VIDEO] Ultrasound Guidance Lengthens Regional Block Duration Says Renowned Anesthesiologist Dr. Gregory Hickman

Dr. Gregory Hickman, Medical Director of the Andrews Institute and a founder of the popular ultrasound education portal blockjock.com, has been using ultrasound for regional anesthesia since 2006. Now he carries a Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner in his pocket.

The beauty of the wireless ultrasound is it’s so mobile, lightweight, and it’s so easy to use,” says Dr. Hickman. “You can use your phone. Yesterday, my iPad was not charged up so I just grabbed my phone, clicked on the app, and it worked immediately.”

Dr. Hickman spends the majority of his time at the Andrews Institute, an outpatient surgery center primarily focused on orthopedics and sports medicine where regional blocks are performed regularly to increase patient comfort following surgery, while decreasing exposure to narcotics and their side effects. His personal experience with ultrasound guidance is in line with studies that have shown ultrasound guidance improves the success of nerve blocks.

It improves your speed of being able to do the block, and it actually improves the duration of blocks because you’re getting more local around the target nerve versus doing it blind where you really don’t see it. It should help anyone’s confidence in what they’re doing to be able to see what they’re doing,” he explains.

An original member of the Clarius medical advisory board, Dr. Hickman has had the opportunity to use every model of the Clarius wireless ultrasound scanner since 2017. We recently had a chance to interview Dr. Hickman about his experience with the new Clarius L15 HD3.

The Clarius system works so well and has improved so much. It’s as good as anything else. The cost is going to be much less than your typical laptop pole-bounded ultrasounds out there, and that’s a big benefit.”

Watch his 4-minute video interview to learn why Dr. Hickman wholeheartedly recommends the Clarius L15 HD3 for regional anesthesia.

Learn Block Techniques from an Expert Anesthesiologist: Register Now for a Free Webinar with Dr. Gregory Hickman

We have the privilege of hosting a free webinar featuring Dr. Hickman: Ultrasound-Guided Brachial Plexus Blocks: Techniques from the Expert!

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how easy it is to locate the brachial plexus using wireless ultrasound and how to perform three common upper extremity blocks with precision. Dr. Hickman will explore:

  • Three recent patient blocks performed under high-frequency ultrasound
  • Locating the supraclavicular, infraclavicular, and axillary brachial plexuses
  • How to identify vascular structures and lung to avoid complications
  • Visualizing your needle to guide safe and accurate injections
  • Pro-tips for today’s busy mobile regional anesthesiologist

Ready to Add Clarius to Your Anesthesiology Practice?

Wireless, ultra-mobile, and with high-definition imaging, Clarius is the ideal handheld ultrasound system for anesthesiologists who are on the move from one patient to another for regional nerve blocks and post-operative visits. Clarius HD3 ultrasound scanners deliver the clear imaging and power you expect from a traditional system for a small fraction of the cost. Dr. Hickman uses the Clarius L15 HD3, which provides detailed imaging down to 7 cm for regional anesthesia procedures. Scanners for deeper and more superficial anatomy are also available. Contact us today to schedule a virtual demo to discuss which scanner is right for your anesthesiology practice.

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