[VIDEO] Why Clarius Ultrasound is Ideal for Breast Lesion Localization, Pre-Surgical Planning, and Intraoperative Precision

Dr. Muneer Ahmed, an award-winning consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon based in the United Kingdom, says he considers Clarius ultrasound to be the “stethoscope of the breast surgeon.” He uses it before, during, and after treatments at his practice, which comprises the full treatment of surgical oncology, plastic surgical reconstruction, and radiological intervention. 

Breast cancer management from any surgical perspective is really targeted towards lesion excision and handheld ultrasound is an inherent part of my practice,” he explains during a recent interview.

Watch our video interview with Dr. Ahmed to learn more about why he’s a passionate advocate for ultrasound and recommends Clarius ultrasound for breast surgeons. 

Once a lesion is characterized by a radiologist, it is essential for the surgeon to know the exact location of that lesion to prepare for their surgery and allow them real-time visualization intraoperatively. Seeing the exact location of the lesion in the operating room enhances safety. And I think for the well-trained individual surgeon, ultrasound is the most practical modality for real-time visualization.”

In addition to giving him the confidence to precisely locate and monitor the lesion, Dr. Ahmed reports experiencing a higher level of trust in his patients who are able to see the lesion and observe how it changes with treatment.  

The patient pathway, within breast cancer management is a complex one,” he explains. “It is a journey and during that journey, to particularly observe how changes have developed or how treatment response has been evaluated is very useful, particularly in the neoadjuvant chemotherapy setting. And so that can be very reassuring at the bedside, for the patient to know that their treatment is actually yielding fruit and it can be very motivating….” 

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We’re excited to present a free webinar with Dr. Ahmed on May 23, 2023: Enhancing Precision in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: The Role of Ultrasound in Pre-, Peri- and Postoperative Assessment 

During the live webinar, Dr. Ahmed will share patient cases from office visits to the operating room, to show how you can use handheld ultrasound to accurately and safely plan and guide breast surgeries for the best patient outcomes. 


Enhancing Precision in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: The Role of Ultrasound in Pre-, Peri- and Postoperative Assessment

Clarius Advanced Breast Package 

Dr. Ahmed uses the Clarius L15 HD3 high-frequency linear scanner at his practice with the Advanced Breast Package, which offers additional customizations for breast examinations and procedures. The software package is included when a membership is purchased with the Clarius L15 HD3 or Clarius L7 HD3 linear scanners.  

To learn which Clarius scanner is right for your practice, book a demo today with a Clarius expert.  

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