[VIDEO] Why Every Urologist Should Use Clarius Ultrasound

I wish I had this sooner,” says Dr. Kevin Zorn, a urologist practicing at the University of Montreal who recently spoke to us about his experience using Clarius ultrasound at his clinic during the past 8 years. “This little guy here has dramatically changed the efficiency of our clinic.”

Before he started performing his own ultrasound exams, Dr. Zorn typically sent his patients for imaging prior to deciding whether they needed surgery or alternative treatment. With access to ultrasound in his pocket, he can perform an exam in three minutes for most patients during a first visit.

The time my patient has to spend to come to my office, find parking and wait to see me is precious and my goal is to spare them having to come back for a second visit just for ultrasound. I only have a certain amount of time in my life to dedicate to my practice so this simple tool adds huge value by making me more efficient.”

Dr. Zorn was one of the first urologists to use the first-generation Clarius handheld wireless ultrasound in 2016. He considers the Clarius C3 HD3 workhorse for everyday use to examine the penis, scrotum, kidneys, and bladder. He also uses the Clarius EC7 HD3 endo cavity transducers for biopsies and minimally invasive prostate procedures.

I find [the Clarius] superior to the other POCUS. That’s why I’ve chosen and continue using the Clarius, as well as this [Clarius Cloud] reporting system. So, the resolution and the imaging are as good as major cart based. And again, just the modularity, the access, and the speed to get it up and operational is fantastic.”

Watch our 5-minute video interview with Dr. Zorn to learn about how Clarius ultrasound compares to other ultrasound systems he has used.

Watch a Demonstration of a Bladder and Prostate Ultrasound Exam

In this Clarius Classroom video, Dr. Zorn assesses the urinary bladder and prostate of a patient with lower urinary tract symptoms using his Clarius C3 HD3 wireless curvilinear scanner. Watch a renal ultrasound exam here.

Clarius Ultrasound for Urology

As Dr. Zorn will attest, Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners are ideal for your office or hospital practice with accurate, high-definition imaging readily available for diagnosis and therapy. Clarius offers three wireless scanners that are suitable for urology: the C3 HD3 transabdominal ultrasound for genitourinary imaging, the EC7 HD3 for transrectal and transvaginal ultrasound, and the L15 HD3 for superficial imaging. Visit our urology specialty page to learn more!

Book a Virtual Demo

We invite you to book a virtual demo to discuss which of our specialty ultrasound scanners is right for your practice.

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