Ultrasound Guidance for Safe Brazilian Butt Lifts: Precision BBL Techniques from the Expert

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With over 9 years of experience in using ultrasound to improve patient safety and procedural outcomes, plastic surgeon Dr. Pat Pazmiño, MD, FACS, teaches scanning best practices for guiding safe BBL surgeries.

In this 1-hour webinar, learn how easy it is to add handheld ultrasound to your plastic surgery practice to reduce the dangers of blind gluteal fat grafting procedures. Dr. Pazmiño shares proven ultrasound-guided techniques for making BBLs more accurate, reproducible, and safer. We explore:

  • Handheld ultrasound techniques for high-definition imaging of fat and muscle
  • Performing ultrasound-guided TAP blocks to reduce patient pain and speed recovery
  • How to visualize your canula in the subcutaneous compartment
  • How to accurately pinpoint where every drop of fat is injected to maximize results
  • Ultrasound tips for post-op monitoring, as well as identifying and aspirating seromas

To help you get ahead of legislative changes, watch renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Pat Pazmiño, MD, FACS, creator of the ultraBBL™ share handheld ultrasound best practices that will give you confidence to deliver safe and consistent butt augmentation outcomes for your patients.

On June 3rd, 2022, the Florida Board of Medicine approved an emergency order that limits each surgeon to performing three popular gluteal fat grafting procedures per day and mandating the use of ultrasound when performing BBL surgeries to avoid injecting fat into the muscle, reducing the risk of fat embolisms.

This is in response to 19 women who died in the last five years following their BBL procedure in the region. BBLs are well known to be one of the riskiest of all cosmetic procedures with a fatality rate as high at 1 in 3,000. The gluteal muscles have vast vascular structures, which if injected with fat, can fatally migrate to the lungs or heart. While plastic surgeons know to avoid intramuscular gluteal injections, even the most experienced physicians can accidentally place their instrument inside the muscle because they can’t see beneath the skin. In this webinar, learn to use ultrasound to guide your procedures, reduce risk, and deliver safer outcomes for your patients with clear imaging of your cannula and patient anatomy.

Dr. Pazmiño is nationally renowned for inventing new procedures that combine the latest techniques in aesthetic surgery with ultrasound, such as the ultraBBL™, for the safest BBL procedure possible. In this live webinar, he shares his expert ultrasound techniques for imaging your patients, planning your BBL procedures, performing nerve blocks, guiding your cannula within the subcutaneous layer, and visualizing with millimeter accuracy where every drop of fat is being injected.

Going further by sharing case studies recently captured on video, Dr. Pazmiño demonstrates how to use ultrasound for post-op monitoring, to monitor fat deposits, to detect and measure seromas, and to guide accurate aspirations in real-time by using high-definition wireless ultrasound. Learn how adding high-definition wireless ultrasound to your plastic surgery practice can reduce risk, optimize procedural outcomes, and deliver piece of mind for your patients.

A recognized gold standard among plastic surgeons, ultrasound speeds diagnosis and improves procedural accuracy in a patient-friendly, non-invasive, and safe manner. Traditional ultrasound systems have been expensive and complex to learn. In this interactive webinar, see how affordable handheld ultrasound is changing the game with high-definition imaging and artificial intelligence paving the way for easy, rapid imaging. We look under the skin using the newly released Clarius HD3 scanners and the Advanced Aesthetic Package that automatically optimize imaging for the busy plastic surgeon.

Join Dr. Pazmiño with your host Dr. Oron Frenkel, Emergency Physician and Chairman of the Clarius Medical Advisory Board, who live to help to take your ultrasound skills to the next level with techniques you can start using with your next patient!

Dr. Pat Pazmiño, MD, FACS Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Pat Pazmiño, MD, FACS

Dr. Pazmiño graduated with honors from Harvard University with a degree in Biochemical Sciences and earned his medical degree (M.D.) from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Dr. Pazmiño was then selected into the highly competitive integrated General Surgery and Plastic Surgery Residency at the Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Pazmiño then brought this world-class education and training to South Florida where he became the founding surgeon of MIAMI AESTHETIC. Dr. Pazmiño is nationally known for inventing new procedures combining the latest techniques in aesthetic surgery with ultrasound, such as the ultraBBL™, the safest BBL available. He is also known for his bikini tummy tucks, high-definition body contouring, abdominal etching, and creating youthful breast results. Dr. Pazmiño also has a large facial aesthetics practice where he creates beautiful natural effects with Botox and a wide spectrum of injectable fillers.

Oron Frenkel, M.D., M.S. Emergency Physician

Emergency Physician

Oron Frenkel, M.D., M.S.

Dr. Oron Frenkel completed his MS and MD simultaneously at the University of California Joint Medical Program in Berkeley and San Francisco, completing his residency in Emergency Medicine followed by a fellowship in Point-of-Care Ultrasound at Alameda County Medical Center in Oakland, California. He moved to British Columbia with the goal of increasing use of point-of-care ultrasound across the province, especially among rural practitioners. An avid educator, Dr. Frenkel is constantly evaluating the best teaching methods for disseminating this technology, how to measure competency in its practice, and its effects on outcomes for individual patients. Dr. Frenkel serves as Chairman of the Clarius Medical Advisory Board.