John Arlette (T-Mode)
Christoph Kühnle
Diplomate ECVS
Swiss Team Veterinarian Dressage

With the Clarius Scanner we have found a mobile solution for ultrasound imaging. Not only the fast operational readiness, but also the flexible use of the device is convincing. Larger diagnostic devices with cable are less practical , especially for sterile injections. Thanks to the Clarius scanner, we have the possibility to perform these treatments under the best conditions. Experience has shown that the acceptance of the horses is significantly higher than with conventional devices, which simplifies the treatment in many aspects and is less stressful for our patients. The dynamic image adjustment finds always the best setting, which makes a scan more efficient. »

Dr. Brian Johnson
Emergency Physician

It’s nice to get a nice snapshot of a critically ill patient right away so that helps me with the workflow. I can walk out of the room and say this guy is in pulmonary edema or this guy looks like he has a ruptured AAA. That can help guide my next steps of management for the patient. So, it’s hitting a lot of good spots for me.” 

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Dr. Oron Frenkel
Emergency Physician

It’s as if I had a miniaturized cart. It finally takes all the skills I have learned over the years on cart-based ultrasounds, miniaturizes them into a tiny package, and allows me to deliver that level of care to all of my patients in the department, and it sticks with me. So, I never have to go chase the cart.” 

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Dr. Tom Cook
Emergency Physician

This brand-new scanner that has two probes in one is an incredible breakthrough. By combining phased array and linear array in the same device you can probably do 95 to 99% of all the ultrasound scanning, whatever imaging you’re doing, with this single device. And you can do it with something that is an extraordinarily reasonable cost. Hand-carried systems are the future. Clinicians are much more likely to use ultrasound when they can pull it from their pocket for the exam instead of pushing a big cart into a small trauma room.” 

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Dr. Nawfel Azoo
Senior consultant of OB/GYN-Baghdad Teaching Hospital, Head of the department of Gyn/OB in Baghdad Teaching Hospital

Using Clarius in theater is easy, comfortable, and capable of helping to navigate through anatomical structures, to identify tumors, and to perform full and complete extractions. »

Dr. Azoo recently shared a case of hydatidiform mole evacuation under ultrasound guidance, using his Clarius C3 HD3. The 21-year-old female was diagnosed at 18 weeks. Dr. Azoo performed a suction curettage under general anesthesia using ultrasound guidance. Using Clarius gave him confidence that the procedure was both safe and complete.

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Danice Sher, Physician Assistant Injector, Founder, Sparkle Aesthetics
Dani Sher
Sparkle Aesthetics

The new presets make it really easy to use for each area of the face. You just choose a preset for an area of the face and get a really nice view without making adjustments. For me, there’s still no competitor that has the same crisp image as Clarius to see everything you need to see.”

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Dr. Don Buford
MSK Ultrasound and Regenerative Medicine

For a physician who has a sports medicine, orthopaedic, or physiatry practice. It’s an advanced device at an entry-level price, and that’s rare. Traditionally there’s been a direct correlation between the money you spend and the image quality you get on laptop machines ranging from 28,000 to 60,000+ USD. Now, with Clarius, for about 5,000 USD all in, you’ll get a device with the image quality you need that will carry you all the way through your orthopaedic career until you want to do more advanced diagnostics and procedures.”

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Dr. Sachit Shah
Beautiful Canadian Laser and Skincare Clinic

Different types of dermal filler behave differently in the dermis. So by being able to determine what they’ve had injected before, I can make better decisions about how much, and what kind of top-up filler they need. This avoids the ‘unnatural’ look, and on the safety side, it avoids side effects.”

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Dr. Frank Johnson
M.D., Dip. Sports Med. RMSK
Sport Medicine Ultrasound

It can see that first two and a half to three centimeters exceptionally well. There are other machines out there on the market that we would call kind of an all-in-one, that can be everything to everybody, but we all know that’s a fantasy. The L15 HD3 is perfect for sports medicine.”

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