Clarius Partners with Arthrex for MSK Ultrasound

Clarius has signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Arthrex, a global leader in product development and medical education for orthopaedic surgeons. Arthrex will distribute specialized versions of Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanners for musculoskeletal (MSK) applications. Co-branded as Synergy MSK Ultrasound by Clarius, the customized L7 and C3 Scanners will integrate with the Arthrex UHD/4K Synergy Surgery Imaging Platform and work with an app on iOS and Android Smart Devices.

We are delighted to partner with Arthrex, the leading provider of surgical instruments around the world,” said Laurent Pelissier, Chief Executive Officer of Clarius. “We have optimized our handheld, wireless scanners to include needle enhancement technology and seamless integration with the Synergy Imaging platform so it’s easy to use for arthroscopic procedures under ultrasound guidance. We will continue to innovate with Arthrex to meet customer needs.”

Arthrex introduced the Synergy MSK Ultrasound by Clarius Scanner at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons conference in San Diego, CA this week.

According to Dr. Alan Hirahara, an Orthopedic Surgeon based in Sacramento, California, numerous studies have found improved accuracy and efficacy of injections performed under ultrasound guidance over landmark-guided injections and cost-savings over MRI imaging. “I prefer the Synergy MSK Ultrasound by Clarius because it allows ultrasound to be used in the operating room without the use of expensive, cumbersome machines, small screens, and potentially contaminating cords and wires,” he said.

Dr. Hirahara is using new ultrasound-guided surgical techniques in his practice and is working with Arthrex to teach these techniques at their educational facility in Florida using Synergy MSK Ultrasound.

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