[VIDEO] Patient Perspectives on Ultrasound-Guided Pain Treatments by Naturopathic Physicians 

When we interview MSK clinicians about why they choose to use ultrasound to guide injections, every one of them says it gives them peace of mind to know precisely where they’re placing therapeutics. It turns out that their patients often feel the same way. 

To be able to sit there with the doctor, look at the same screen and have him talk me through what exactly was going on, what layer we’re in, what I’m seeing on the screen, it really gives me peace of mind,” says Davis, who has been suffering from knee pain resulting from basketball injuries in his youth. “And it made me feel as though he is better at his job.” 

Davis received an intra-articular injection of Durolane on his right knee from Dr. Trent Brereton, ND, a naturopathic physician whose practice focus is treating pain using ultrasound-guided prolotherapy, PRP, Prolozone, hyaluronic acid, and cortisone. 

Watch our 2-minute video to hear more about Davis’s ultrasound-guided treatment. 

Seeing is believing for Rico  

We were also there when Rico, a construction worker with chronic knee pain, came to see Dr. Brereton for an injection that he says gives him relief from pain for up to four months. 

It’s interesting to see what’s inside my knee,” says Rico. “It makes me more comfortable to see what they’re doing.” 

Watch this 1-minute video to hear about his successful treatment. 

Jayden gets his money’s worth with ultrasound-guided treatments 

With chronic shoulder pain from a love of extreme sports, Jayden recently went to see Dr. Alex Del Duca for a diagnosis of what was happening to cause him pain and to get an ultrasound-guided PRP injection. 

It was really good to see what’s actually going on in there, and the doctor was able to take a real look and let me know if he could see any damage because you’re not sure what’s happening inside your own body,” he says. “You imagine the worst, but I actually found out good news that there wasn’t so much damage to the muscles and there wasn’t so much calcium build up, so that was really positive.” 

Prior to seeing Dr. Del Duca, Jayden had been treated with prolotherapy, acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy. It was his first time with PRP.   

Considering the cost of these treatments, it’s good to know without a doubt that the medicine has been placed in the right spot. I am confident that ultrasound improved my care today because it gave my doctor 100% certainty of where he was and what he was doing at that time.” 

Watch our 3-minute video to learn more about Jayden’s pain management journey. 

Watch Dr. Brereton Perform an Ultrasound-Guided Suprapatellar Injection 

In this 5-minute video, Dr. Brereton demonstrates how he uses the Clarius L7 HD3 wireless ultrasound scanner to guide a suprapatellar Hyaluronic Acid Injection. 

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