[VIDEO] How Clarius Voice Controls Has Changed This Pain Practitioner’s Practice 

Dr. David Rosenblum, Director of Pain Management at AABP Integrative Pain Care, Maimonides Medical Center, confesses to being “addicted to Siri” during a recent interview at his practice in New York City. He was eager to use the Clarius Voice Control during his ultrasound-guided procedures. 

This is something that has really changed my practice, increased my efficiency,” he says. “It’s like having a third hand. I just use my voice and the commands happen, and it captures the image and it does everything my assistant would normally have helped me with during a procedure.” 

Besides helping him be more efficient during a procedure, Dr. Rosenblum says using Voice Controls frees his assistant to spend more time on higher-level tasks such as more targeted or focused patient assessments instead of being on-hand to “just press save”. 

Watch this 3-minute video to learn why Dr. Rosenblum thinks ultrasound enhances procedural safety and why he chooses the Clarius wireless handheld ultrasound for his practice. 

Clarius is the only handheld ultrasound company offering Voice Controls on all eleven of its HD3 wireless ultrasound scanners. It is one of the many artificial intelligence (AI) features available with Clarius Membership. It enables clinicians to control multiple imaging functions with voice commands, leaving their hands free to perform procedures and exams. It is available now to all Clarius members using any Clarius HD3 wireless ultrasound scanner  

Visualize Your Needle in High Definition Using Clarius Ultrasound 

With 8 times the processing power of most handheld ultrasound systems, Clarius HD3 gives you sharp and clear imaging of tiny nerves and surrounding anatomy to perform injections with confidence. You get clear visualization of your needle and injection target for safe, accurate procedures, every time, improving the overall patient experience. 

Clarius offers three options for pain management. Book a virtual demo with a Clarius expert to learn which Clarius wireless scanner is right for your practice. 

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