[VIDEO SERIES] Learn Next-Level Ultrasound Skills for Safe, Effective Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia Procedures

Having used ultrasound guidance since 2006, Dr. Gregory Hickman has many ultrasound systems at his disposal. When on the move from patient to patient, he carries a Clarius L15 HD3 ultrasound scanner in his pocket.

The wireless Clarius is very beneficial in my practice now because of the mobility,” he explains. “I have to move. We were doing a block… Sometimes in the preop area, I got to run to the OR and do something, I got to run to the PACU and do a block. I run over to PT and check a continuous catheter and make sure it’s working. To be able to have that mobility with the Clarius and the quick connectivity, it really adds to the practice now.”

This year we called on Dr. Gregory Hickman, Dr. Souhail Jaziri, Dr. Alan Hirahara, and Dr. David Rosenblum to share their ultrasound techniques to help our new users take their ultrasound skills to the next level. They’ve worked with us to produce free webinars and video tutorials that are now all available to watch at your convenience.

Watch These FREE One-Hour Webinars On-Demand to Learn Expert Ultrasound Techniques for Pain Management Injections and Regional Anesthesia Blocks

WALANT: Ultrasound-Guided Local Anesthesia Best Practices for Hand Surgery
Dr. Souhail Jaziri hosted by Shelley Guenther
December 13, 2022

Expert Ultrasound Guidance for Accurate MSK Injections, Part 1: The Shoulder
Dr. Alan Hirahara hosted by Dr. Oron Frenkel
October 11, 2022

Optimizing Reimbursements for Diagnostic MSK Exams, Ultrasound Guided Interventions, and Surgery
Dr. Alan Hirahara and Dr. Alberto Panero hosted by Dr. Oron Frenkel
June 28, 2022

Ultrasound-Guided Brachial Plexus Blocks: Techniques from the Expert!
Dr. Gregory Hickman hosted by Dr. Oron Frenkel
May 31, 2022

See How Leading Physicians Are Using Ultrasound Guidance in Their Anesthesia and Pain Management Practices

We had the opportunity to visit Dr. Hickman in Florida, Dr. Rosenblum in New York, Dr. Hirahara in California (2), and Dr. Jaziri in Paris to see how they’re using Clarius ultrasound for safer procedures and to deliver better results. Watch these short video interviews to hear what they say.

Learn Expert Ultrasound Techniques for Nerve Blocks and Pain Injections in Less Than Five Minutes

Dr. David Rosenblum, Dr. Gregory Hickman, Dr. Alan Hirahara, and Dr. Oron Frenkel share their step-by-step instructions for a variety of nerve blocks. These Clarius Classroom videos are available on our website and on the Clarius App.

Hear How Ultrasound Guidance Builds Patient Trust

When we ask physicians why they use ultrasound guidance, invariably the answer is that they want to deliver better, longer lasting results for their patients. We’ve also spent some time talking to patients this year and they report feeling more confident in the procedure when their physicians use ultrasound. Sounds like a win-win to us. Watch these patients of Dr. Rosenblum and Dr. Hirahara (2) to hear what they have to say about their treatment.

Listen to Our New Podcast: The Ultrasound Powered Clinician

Episode 5: Guiding the Way on Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia
Featuring Dr. Gregory Hickman hosted by Ohad Arazi

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