[VIDEO] Innovation Spotlight: Delight Expecting Parents with Act One Ultrasound Videos

Getting an instant window into the health of expecting mothers and their fetuses is easier than ever with the Clarius C3 HD3 wireless handheld scanner. Easy to use and carry from room to room, it’s ideal for a busy practice to use for first visits, quick check-ups, and when you need to investigate pelvic pain, pre-term labor symptoms, and fetal viability.

Say Goodbye to CDs, USB Sticks, and Thermal Printers

Beyond meeting all the capabilities you expect from an ultrasound system, the Clarius C3 HD3 comes with a built-in feature you won’t find with any other. Clarius Act One makes it simple to email a free animated video that incorporates the images you capture and select while examining your patient. As you end your exam, you’re reminded to ask for your patient’s email address and consent. The Clarius App will automatically send your patient a shareable link.

Expecting mom Lisa Connolly had this to say following her ultrasound exam performed by Dr. Ulrike Dehaek using the Clarius C3 HD3:

It was reassuring just because in the first trimester you’re always a little bit worried. I really liked it that I could see the baby. Everything seems really high-tech as well and just easy to use and fast. I like the fact that she could just email me the videos and the pictures to share.”

Watch this 3-minute clip from our recent Innovation Spotlight to learn more about the Act One experience and the Clarius C3 HD3 from Dr. Ulrike Dehaeck, her patient, Lisa Connolly, and Clarius Product Manager Jake Barra.

Interested in Adding Clarius to your OB/GYN Practice?

With best-in-class imaging, affordable pricing, and unique features like Act One, Clarius handheld ultrasound is the ideal system to add to your practice to make a confident assessment during quick check ups. Learn more about which scanner is right for you on our OB/GYN specialty page. Or contact us today to book a one-on-one virtual demo with one of our ultrasound experts.

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