Scanning Live Animals with the Clarius C7 Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Gail Nichols of Sound Interactions prepares to scan a dog with the Clarius C7 Micro-Convex Scanner

Over the past decade, veterinary ultrasound has become a powerful medical tool. Studies have already shown that ultrasound can be very useful in treating human patients. When it comes to animals who are unable to communicate their symptoms directly, it becomes an even more potent diagnostic aid.

Clarius has developed a C7 micro-convex scanner for effective imaging of small animals. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our technology, we engaged Gail Nichols, CEO of Sound Interactions to scan some live animals with the Clarius C7 and to record some training videos.

Gail has been involved in veterinary ultrasound for 30 years. After several years in echocardiography, she made the switch to veterinary ultrasound due to her lifelong love of animals. She currently has a dog, 3 cats and 5 horses, including an Andalusian stallion that is a 7-time national champion!

We decided it would be fun to let our staff bring in their own pets for the scanning. It was an interesting week for the company as our offices were filled with furry visitors.

Bourbon being prepped for his big moment

Having spent a week scanning a variety of small animals with Clarius, Gail believes that the scanner is a true game-changer for veterinary ultrasound. “Clarius is really a point-and-shoot scanner that requires no optimization. That’s important when you’re working with an animal that might not be as cooperative as a human patient,” she said.

I also like that it’s a closed system, with no vents or fans for fur to get stuck in. And clean-up is easy because you can just submerge it in solution.”

For the Clarius team, it was great to get validation and feedback from an experienced third-party expert like Gail. And Gail went away excited about the possibilities for vets.

Clarius solves a lot of the problems you run into everyday in your veterinary practice. I am so proud to have been invited to work with this amazing company and team,” she said.

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