[VIDEO] «I Trust Her» Patient Perspectives on Ultrasound-Guided Aesthetic Procedures

Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann, who uses the Clarius L20 HD3 for safe aesthetic procedures, recently introduced us to two of her patients who shared their experiences with her treatments.

Paula Reed, a 38-year-old dental therapist from the United Kingdom, had heard horror stories about aesthetic procedures that had gone wrong. That’s why she was excited to learn about Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann’s ultrasound-guided treatments.

It’s nice to know that I’m in the best hands and she can see exactly where she is when she’s injecting things,” explains Paula. “Many doctors are often working quite blind, but now she can see where she is and everything. And it’s reassuring because you get talked through everything. There’s just no risk to the procedures.» 

Watch this 1-minute video interview to learn more about Paula’s aesthetic procedures.

Jeni, a dental nurse, first came to see Dr. Rowland-Warmann to dissolve and replace lip filler that had been injected by another practitioner. We caught up with Jeni during a visit to get her tear troughs filled and cheeks plumped up.

I trust her because I’ve seen a lot of her work,” says Jeni. “I’ve seen a lot of things that can go wrong as well, with other people. So, if you’re going to be putting something in your face, you want it to be in the right place.”

Watch this 1-minute video to hear about Jeni’s experience.

Watch a Webinar to Learn Dr. MJ’s Ultrasound Guidance Techniques for Safe Filler Injections

We recently presented a one-hour webinar with Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann: Avoiding Filler Complications Using Ultrasound To Guide Safe Cheek, Temple, and Tear Trough Injections. Watch the webinar at your convenience to learn how to use wireless ultrasound to optimize the safety of dermal filler injections in the cheeks, temples, and tear troughs. Dr. MJ uses the Clarius L20 HD3 to demonstrate her techniques for ensuring consistent and predictable injections every time.

Clearly Visualize Facial Anatomy with Clarius Wireless Ultrasound

Medical aesthetic practitioners looking to improve patient safety rely on the Clarius L20 HD3 – the world’s only ultra-high frequency ultrasound in a wireless scanner. Impress your patients with clear imaging of the skin, muscles, vessels, and fascia for safe, consistent outcomes. Contact us today or request an ultrasound demo to see how high-definition imaging can help you improve safety and deliver consistent patient outcomes in your aesthetic practice!

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