Research Toolkits

We offer various research tools that can be purchased individually with any scanner model. Research tools provide a unique way to work with the raw data that the scanner collects internally, as well the ability to develop custom software that can be used for real-time analysis. Our goal is to help make imaging research simple and affordable. There are three key toolkits that each Clarius scanner can be equipped with:

  1. Raw Data Package
  2. 3D Positional Data Package
  3. Listener API

Raw Data Package

The Raw Data Package gives users the ability to collect RF, IQ, and B mode data. Because Clarius scanners have 192 elements and are digitized at 60MHz, the signal quality rivals that of any cart-based ultrasound system. To save the raw data, users simply store images and cine clips as they normally would in the clinical setup, and when the exam has been completed, all images and raw data are automatically sent to Clarius Cloud for review and analysis. The Clarius ultrasound research platform equipped with raw data is ideal for many applications including:

  • Tissue characterization studies
  • Hemodynamic studies
  • Development of new signal and image processing techniques

3D Positional Data Package

We’ve partnered with the University of Alberta to work on 3D ultrasound technologies using our high-end imaging with embedded inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors. Using the gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer in conjunction with scanning can help correlate the ultrasound scanner in 3D space so that images can be reconstructed into a volumetric format. Each IMU data point is captured at a high frequency, so that small movements of the scanner can easily be detected.

Listener API

The Listener API is a unique technology that differentiates us from other portable ultrasound devices. Like Clarius Cast, a feature built into our mobile app for viewing an ultrasound stream from another user, the API provides the same ability, but on a programmatic level. Users can create their own interface and applications for visualizing and manipulating the ultrasound images.

Learn more about using Clarius for research.

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