[VIDEO] How Portable Ultrasound Has Elevated Medical Aesthetics

As one of the first injectors in the United Kingdom to adopt ultrasound for facial aesthetics, Dr. Zainab Al-Mukhtar has much to say about how portable ultrasound has revolutionized her field. 

Ultrasound has been around in medicine for many, many years but missing in aesthetics because there was no portable option,” she explains when we recently spoke to her at her clinic in London, England. 

“The introduction of the portable ultrasounds completely changed that. It means that now within an affordable price, medical aesthetic practitioners can purchase a portable device and are in a fortunate position where there is more training available. I think that it has elevated aesthetic practice a lot. There is an increase in use as a precautionary measure prior to injections. There is an increased use of ultrasound-guided injections where necessary or where it is deemed helpful. There is an increased predictability in the way that we manage complications as an industry and there is also a greater understanding of dynamic anatomy as a result of being able to see the anatomy in real-time.” 

A Clarius ultrasound user since 2021, Dr. Zainab recently upgraded to the Clarius L20 HD3 ultra-high frequency scanner and is particularly enthusiastic about Clarius Voice Control, which she claims even impresses her patients. 

The voice control is definitely my favorite. I don’t need to have somebody present in the room at all times. I don’t need to have a glove-less hand to press buttons with. I can focus completely on the patient without having to make a mess trying to change things on the screen with my fingers. It’s brilliant!” 

Watch our 4-minute video interview with Dr. Zainab to learn why she is a big fan of the Clarius L20 HD3 for facial aesthetics.  

Learn Dr. Zainab’s Techniques for Avoiding Complications and Improving Results of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty 

Due to the anatomical nature of the nose, vascular compromise is a potential complication during nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures. Practitioners like Dr. Zainab use high-resolution ultrasound to gain valuable insight into patients’ vascular anatomy in real-time, making injections safer and more accurate. 

Join us for a one-hour webinar with Dr. Zainab Al-Mukhtar to learn her technique for planning safe injections in the nose by identifying anatomical structures, including blood vessels. 

Free Webinar

Ultrasound for Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty: Avoiding Vascular Complications and Improving Results

Avoid Complications with Ultra-high-definition Ultrasound for Facial Aesthetics 

Medical aesthetic practitioners looking to improve patient safety rely on the Clarius L20 HD3 – the world’s only ultra-high frequency ultrasound in a wireless scanner. Impress your patients with clear imaging of the skin, muscles, vessels, and fascia for safe, consistent outcomes. 

Visit our aesthetics page to learn more or book a virtual demo with a Clarius expert in your region.   

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