[VIDEO] Innovation Spotlight: Superior Ultrasound Image and Unparalleled Wireless Connectivity

Since the launch of our first generation wireless scanners 5 years ago, we’ve stayed true to our commitment to delivering the best ultrasound image quality and performance in a handheld system. With Clarius HD3, our team continues to focus on delivering the best ultrasound experience in an affordable and easy-to-use format for every medical specialty.

Octal Beamforming Isn’t Just for Cart-Based Systems

Clarius HD3 features our novel octal beamforming processing, an advanced imaging technology that used to only be available on large cart-based systems. While other handhelds feature one or two beamformers, Clarius octal beamforming technology delivers parallel processing of 8 beams from a single acquisition. This results in incredibly fast frame rates and micron-level resolution for when clinicians need it the most.

Video Demonstration: Clarius Wireless Connectivity is Faster and Stronger with HD3

With the introduction of Clarius HD3, we’re the only handheld company to build upon three generations of wireless products. There’s no doubt we’ve learned a few things over the years and our connection today is faster and stronger than ever.

Watch this video from this year’s Clarius Innovation Spotlight to see a demonstration of the strength of our wireless connectivity.

Jeff Schoenfeld, our VP of Operations, is 15 meters from the stage where Kris Dickie, our VP of R&D scans his thyroid. Product Manager Jake Barra stands 30 meters from the stage. Pictured here, you can see a crystal clear image of Kris’ thyroid on Jake’s iPad.

Clarius HD3 incorporates a new antenna design that provides an effortless and stable wireless connection each and every time.

Physicians Love Working Without Wires

When we speak to our users, the lack of wires frequently tops their list of favorite things about Clarius. For example, here’s what Dr. Alan Hirahara, an orthopedic surgeon from Sacramento, California has to say about working without wires.

The wireless is phenomenal and I cannot emphasize how important that is to me. As a surgeon using it in surgery, having a unit that I don’t have to have tethered by a cord onto the monitor is critical because the cord could easily contaminate my field. In my clinic, likewise, being able to move the iPad around to anywhere, even put it on a wall or stream it up onto a TV, it’s phenomenal. It makes it so much easier in terms of ergonomics and usage.”

With Clarius there are no cords to contaminate sterile pre areas and it’s much faster to clean and disinfect your scanner. It fits nicely in a sterile cover and can be fully immersed.

Clarius Wireless Ultrasound Scanners for Every Specialty

Depending on the anatomy you’re scanning, you can choose from seven wireless handheld ultrasound scanners for humans and three options for veterinary scanning.

We invite you to visit our product page to see our full range of ultrasound scanners. To learn more about your options, contact us today or schedule a virtual demo. We look forward to introducing you to the world’s best wireless handheld ultrasound scanner!

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