[VIDEO] « There are significant risks, » A Patient’s Journey to a Safe BBL Under Ultrasound Guidance

Deciding to have a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) was a serious decision for a patient of Dr. Alexis Delobaux’s, a 36-year-old active mother of two boys who lives in the south of France, because she understands that the procedure can be fatal. While she put off the decision for a long time, she was convinced the procedure would change her life for the better.

I exercise, play tennis, and jog. So I’m very active. For me, it’s very important to feel well physically and mentally. I really wanted to lose weight in the abdominal area after my pregnancy. And in this area, I was not able to lose at all, no matter what I did on a daily basis. So I’ve been looking into it for a very long time,” says Dr. Delobaux’s patient who sought to undergo a BBL to move fat from her stomach to her buttock. « I have girlfriends who have already done this procedure but who were going abroad, especially to Colombia. But there are significant risks because it can lead to dramatic death and that’s what slowed me down.”

Knowing about the associated risks, it was important for her to find a surgeon who could perform the procedure safely. Her research brought her to Dr. Alexis Delobaux, a plastic surgeon based in Paris, France.

I asked my network and came across Dr. Alexis Delobaux. I heard nothing but good things about him and that’s why I wanted to find out more about his practice and to know how he works,” she says. “I discovered he uses ultrasound guidance because he talks a lot about it on social networks. His technique is revolutionary and I feel the procedure will be safer. It’s what motivated me to book the procedure.”

According to Dr. Delobaux, her awareness of the risks of BBLs is not unique due to information that is now widely shared on social media and in tabloids.

This last year, I think I had five or seven patients who came only because they knew I was using ultrasound for the practice,” Dr. Delobaux reports. “It’s great, because many patients are more informed now compared to five years before, and they know that with ultrasound, it’s much safer.”

Watch Dr. Delobaux’s patient 3-minute video interview to learn more about her decision to have a BBL procedure performed by ultrasound-trained surgeon Dr. Delobaux.

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Dr. Alexis Delobaux and a radiologist colleague have created a new and safer technique using ultrasound guidance for gluteal grafts called the SMART BBL (Safe Modern and Artistic Brazilian Butt Lift). Join Dr. Delobaux for a live IMCAS webinar on November 16, 2022, to learn his expert ultrasound techniques for guiding the cannula into the subcutaneous layer and visualizing your fat injections with great accuracy for safer procedures and better contouring.

About Clarius Ultrasound for Plastic Surgery 

Dr. Delobaux uses the Clarius L7 HD3 at his practice in Paris, France. He says he recommends it to his colleagues for three reasons:

First, it connects to any device. Second is the quality of the image, because it’s brilliant. The third is the portability of the device. It’s light. You can take it everywhere you want.”

Visit our plastic surgery information page to learn more about Clarius wireless handheld ultrasound for your practice. You’re also invited you to book a personalized virtual demo with a Clarius expert at your convenience to see high-definition wireless ultrasound in action.

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