[PODCAST] EP 3: The Practical Applications and Visible Benefits of Ultrasound

On today’s episode of the Ultrasound Powered Clinician, Ohad speaks with Dr. Alex Del Duca, a specialist in Pain Management and Sports Medicine based therapies at West Coast Injection Training who utilizes ultrasound in order to “keep the residents of Vancouver Island moving.”

Topics mentioned: 

  • How Dr. Del Duca brought ultrasound into his practice, and why he moved away from landmark-guided injections to ultrasound-guided injections.
  • What steps he took in overcoming the ultrasound learning curve, and advice for other physicians who want to adopt ultrasound.
  • What value ultrasound creates for his patients, and the benefits of being able to show a patient their issue on a screen in realtime.
  • Why all new physicians should begin their training with ultrasound, and why landmark-guided injections are going to become a thing of the past.
  • Where the future of ultrasound is headed, including automatic recognition, shareable videos, and printable procedure reports.
  • What tools or teaching will help slow adopters bring ultrasound into their practice.


West Coast Injection Training’s website

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Specialties Covered: MSK, Sports Medicine

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