Wireless Ultrasound for Emergency Medical Services

Technical Evacuation Advanced Aero Medical Society (TEAAM) is an advanced life support Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) non-profit that responds to remote, austere wilderness and industrial settings outside of the scope and capability of the British Columbia Ambulance Services. TEAAM has been using the Clarius scanner for the past year and describes what it means to have ultrasound in their arsenal of life support tools.

Having ultrasound on board cuts down the amount of resources required to get the appropriate care to the patient. Ultrasound helps triage patients to the right facilities in such remote environments. Getting the appropriate care to the patient as soon as possible can mean the difference between life and death.

Point of care ultrasound helps us in determining if the patient has a pneumothorax or an internal hemorrhage. It will also help us in cardiac arrest management,” said Miles Randall, President and Founder of TEAAM. “It’s durable, it’s portable and it’s really user friendly. It will connect with iOS and Android, so it works very well with all of our devices. My plan has always been that we want to be a resource for the community. Anyone in a remote setting, if they need help, we would like to be there for them.”

Clarius Mobile Health is constantly improving the workflow for clinical specialties that use ultrasound. At EMS World 2018 in Nashville, Clarius will be demonstrating a new feature called Clarius Live (currently in beta) that will allow users to easily request help at the touch of a button through live video, screen share and two-way audio. A paramedic can consult colleagues at a hospital and relay information before the patient arrives. This feature will help not only first responders in EMS but also educators and new ultrasound users.

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