Advanced Software

Refine and personalize your ultrasound experience with Advanced Software Packages powered by artificial intelligence and purpose-designed for your specialty with dedicated presets and workflows.

Auto Vessel Depth

Our tailored OB Workflows saves you time before, during and after each exam. Allowing you to help more patients.

Specialized Presets

Get the great image fast with our optimized presets for plastic surgery.

  • Aesthetics
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Dermatology
Specialized Breast Pictograms and Annotations
Biopsy Protocols
Dense/Fatty Breast Setting
Needle Guidance for Biopsies
D/W Ratio Measurement
Breast Presets
MSK Presets

Optimize workflow as well as the ability to get the great image fast with our optimized presets for MSK.

  • Foot/Ankle
  • Hand/Wrist
  • Elbow
  • Hip
  • Hip Joint
  • Knee
  • Plantar
  • Shoulder
  • Spine
Fetal Measurements

Add advanced OB measurements to your scanner. Check fetal heart rate, perform obstetric calculations, calculate gestational age, and more!

Specialized OB Workflows

Our tailored OB Workflows saves you time before, during and after each exam. Easily generate estimated date of delivery (EDD) and estimated fetal weight (EFW) with the use multiple biometric measurements.

Labor & Delivery Preset

Optimize imaging during labor and access tools available such as angle of progression.

Improve workflow with Auto Preset

Auto Preset AI automatically selects the right imaging Preset for the specific target anatomy. Save time and let AI guide your protocol in real-time.

Save time with Auto Heart Rate

Save time by not having to manually place calipers to measure heart rate, instead let the App automatically calculates it as you image.

Delight patient with Act One

Easily share with patients a fun animated video from the images you capture during an ultrasound exam.

Vascular Measurements

Document specific measurements/ anatomies in venous and arterials examinations

Reporting Tools

Additional reporting tools for carotid and lower extremity examinations.

Specialized Presets

Specialized presets include: Carotid, Arterial and Venous.

Veterinary Presets

Enable more comprehensive examinations by taking advantage of the finely-tuned Presets for Veterinary.

  • Abdomen
  • Cardiac
  • Bladder
  • MSK
  • Lung
  • Nerve
  • Obstetrics
  • Ocular
  • Vascular
595 USD Annually
785 CAD Annually
580 EUR Annually
505 GBP excl. VAT Annually
930 AUD (+GST) Annually

Clarius Membership

Members gain access to all advanced innovation and services for the ultimate scanning experience and to fast track ultrasound mastery.

Take advantage of exclusive AI-powered tools to automate workflows, specialty software to optimize imaging, unlimited storage options, and educational resources to accelerate proficiency. Explore the four pillars of Membership.

  • Voice Controls
  • Clarius Live Telemedicine
  • Exam Sharing
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • Procedure Recording Mode
  • Split Screen
*Advanced Features may vary per scanner model and region
  • Aesthetics Package ​
  • Breast Package ​
  • MSK Package ​
  • ​OB Package​
  • Primary/Critical Care Package
  • Vascular Package ​
  • Veterinary Package
*Advanced Specialty Packages vary per scanner model
  • Clarius Cloud
    – Unlimited Storage
    – Exam Management
    – PDF Reports
  • DICOM ​
  • Local Image Storage
  • 1-Hour Virtual In-Service ​
  • Monthly Online Training ​
  • In-app Clarius Classroom Videos​

Clarius Membership Unlocks all Innovation

Annual Membership

Included with Your Scanner




3 Year Warranty
3 Jahre Garantie
3 ans de garantie
Garantía de 3 años
Product Support
Support produit
Soporte de producto
30-Day Risk Free Returns
30-tägige risikofreie Rückgabe
Retour sans risque de 30 jours
Devoluciones sin riesgo dentro de 30 días

Advanced Features


Modes d'imagerie

Modos de imagen

Mode B/Mode M
Modo B/Modo M
Color/Power Doppler
Doppler couleur/puissant
Doppler de color/potencia
Pulsed-Wave DopplerImpulswellen-DopplerDoppler à ondes pulséesDoppler de onda pulsada
Split ScreenSplit ScreenSplit ScreenSplit Screen
Voice ControlsSprachsteuerungContrôles vocauxControles de Voz
Clarius Live Telemedicine3 Jahre Garantie3 ans de garantieGarantía de 3 años
Exam SharingExam SharingExam SharingExam Sharing
Procedure Recording ModeProcedure Recording ModeProcedure Recording ModeProcedure Recording Mode

Advanced Specialty Software

Erweiterte Software

Logiciel avancé

Software avanzado

Aesthetics PackageÄsthetik PaketPaquet AestheticsPaquete Estética
Breast PackageBrust-PaketKit pour le seinPaquete para pechos
MSK PackageMSK-PaketPack MSKMSK Package
OB PackageOB-PaketLogiciels pour l'obstétriquePaquete obstétrico
Primary/Critical Care PackagePC/EMED-Paket Logiciel PC/EMEDPaquete PC/EMED
Vascular PackageVaskuläres PaketForfait vasculairePaquete Vascular
Veterinary PackageVeterinär-PaketPaquet VétérinairePaquete Veterinario

Image Storage

Image Storage

Image Storage

Image Storage

Clarius Cloud (Unlimited Storage, Exam Management, PDF Reports)
Cloud-PrüfungsmanagementGestion des examens dans le nuageGestión de exámenes en la nube
Local Image Storage
Clarius Live Telemedizin
Télémédecine en direct Clarius
Telemedicina en Clarius Live





1-Hour Virtual In-Service
1 Stunde virtuelle Fortbildung
Service virtuel d'une heure
1 hora de servicio virtual
Monthly Online Training
Monatliche Online-Schulungen
Formation mensuelle en ligne
Capacitación mensual en línea
In-App Clarius Classroom Videos
Formation vidéo dans l'application
Video educativo en la aplicación

We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or need help finding the right scanner for your practice, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!

We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or need help finding the right scanner for your practice, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let’s get started!