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Hands-Free Access to Key Imaging Functions

With new AI-powered Voice Controls exclusive to Clarius, you’ll never need to put down your scanner mid procedure or to ask an assistant to adjust your image. Go hands-free and simply ask your scanner to freeze, adjust gain and depth, capture images and videos, switch imaging modes, and more! Voice Controls help streamline your workflows, perform procedures efficiently, while improving patient safety and comfort.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate the need to reach for the screen so you can focus on your patient.

Enhance Sterile Safety

Use your voice to control your wireless scanner rather than risk contaminating your sterile field by touching a screen.

Solo Operation

Eliminate the need for an additional assistant or second pair of hands.

Boost Your Efficiency with Voice-Assisted Imaging

Control Depth and Gain
Capture Image or Video
Freeze Image
Toggle B-mode, M-mode, Power, and Color
Turn on Auto Gain or Needle Enhance
Toggle Center Guides

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