Australian Critical Care Doctor Now Jumps to POCUS Assessment Using New Clarius PAL HD3 Whole-body Scanner 

There’s no doubt that Dr. Hani Mikhail, who practices critical care medicine in Toowoomba, Australia is an early adopter of new portable ultrasound technology. We were delighted by his unrestrained enthusiasm for the Clarius PAL HD3 dual-array wireless ultrasound scanner when we spoke to him about his experience using the new product.  

I like technology a lot and I like ultrasound in particular,” he explains when we talked to him recently about his experience with the new scanner. “Over the years of my career, I’ve accumulated several different portable ultrasounds in my quest to search for the perfect device that marries image-quality, convenience, and functionality. The PAL is the closest I’ve found to date.” 

Dr. Mikhail was first in line for the new Clarius PAL HD3 when it received regulatory clearance in Australia. It is the only whole-body handheld scanner to deliver high-resolution images from the skin down to 40 cm of depth, without the need to swap devices or transport bulky systems between rooms. 

A dual anesthetic and intensive care trainee, Dr. Mikhail has more than 5 years of experience using point-of-care ultrasound in critical care settings – including a few years as an emergency medicine registrar. He considers point-of-care ultrasound to be the growing standard of care for a multitude of procedural and diagnostic applications – and routinely incorporates it into his assessment of patients wherever possible.  

During MET calls, I’ll often take out my ultrasound probe after I’ve looked at the vital signs and gathered some collateral information. Within seconds, I can look for evidence of pulmonary oedema, cardiac failure, or intravascular depletion. Occasionally, it is also possible to pick up on clues that may suggest acute pulmonary embolism, congestive nephropathy, or various intra-abdominal pathologies.”  

Honestly, I think portable point-of-care ultrasound is about so much more than checking for a pericardial effusion or an advanced cannulation tool. It can revolutionise the way we assess and manage patients in a way the stethoscope could only ever dream of achieving – and in conjunction with AI, will likely constitute the biggest revolution to medicine in my generation.” 

I believe Clarius, in particular is a real global leader in this space. They have dedicated themselves to high quality portable probes with zero compromises, focussing on single probe devices – until now. Somehow, they’ve combined their 15 MHz linear probe and high-quality PA probe into a single device. It’s a rather incredible engineering feat if you ask me. The software feature set genuinely makes my mouth water and regular AI integration updates improving ease-of-use. This is all packed into a handheld package that you can carry around in your pocket – it’s hard to understate it. It’s insane.” 

With FDA Clearance and CE Certification, the Clarius PAL HD3 is now available in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Users selecting the membership option have access to a suite of advanced software powered by Clarius AI including Voice Controls, Auto Preset™ AI, and other advanced imaging packages. 

The software feature set is very impressive and takes its users seriously. For a long time, I was struggling to find any portable ultrasound that would allow me to simply trace VTI curves on Pulse Wave Doppler. Clarius was the only one I could find. But they push it so much further. For instance, their auto preset feature, automatically switches imaging presets based on AI interpretation of the window. It allows me to seamlessly perform a time critical scan when it matters without fiddling around with settings – moving between a high-resolution linear preset for lung ultrasound, to high frame rate phase array preset for echocardiography – all automatically as I move my probe. And it keeps going. The software is incredibly advanced for those who take the time to explore it. Voice controls. Vessel tracking. Tissue annotation. Chroma filters. Even elastography? For someone who is always pushing the limits of what ultrasound can tell me, it’s a dream come true and in a class of its own.”  

Elevate Your Hospital and Rural Medicine Practice with Clarius PAL 

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