[VIDEO] “Go the Extra Mile for the Patient” with POCUS in the Emergency Room 

There’s no doubt that there are barriers to using point-of-care ultrasound in many busy emergency rooms including lack of easy access in tight spaces. But for Dr. Oron Frenkel, Dr. Tom Cook, and Dr. Brian Johnson, it’s worth going the extra mile to help their patients.  

Patients are so grateful that you really looked at their organs and they can even see it on the screen where you can show them. Particularly with pregnant women, they all love to see their fetus,” explains Dr. Frenkel. 

Given their consistent use of ultrasound in their respective practices, Drs. Frenkel, Cook, and Johnson were among the first physicians to use the new Clarius PAL wireless dual-array ultrasound scanner

[The Clarius] app is very user-friendly,” says Dr. Johnson “I can hold it up right to them. They can see their baby. In emergency medicine, we’re all about patient satisfaction as well. So being able to use the best and brightest tools and show patients what we’re doing right up front in a nice user interface, I think it’s really powerful. Patient satisfaction one thing, but helping out people upfront is huge too. If I can diagnose a AAA in a few minutes faster than if I had to wheel the cart in and move the sea of patients, that’s going to help a patient upfront too. So, the fact that small and portable with good images can really go long way with helping patients.” 

Watch this 4-minute video to learn more about why these emergency physicians believe using Clarius PAL reduces barriers to using ultrasound in the ER and improves the patient experience. 

Improve Your Patient’s Experience in the ER with Clarius PAL 

The new Clarius PAL HD3combines the imaging power of the low-frequency phased array for deep cardiac, lung, and abdominal imaging to 40 cm with the high-frequency linear for superior superficial imaging. It’s the perfect handheld for clinicians seeking the ultimate in image quality and diagnostic flexibility. Simply click a button to switch between presets for a seamless transition between deep and shallow lung, cardiac, and vascular imaging. 

Book a personal virtual demonstration with a Clarius expert today! 

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