Remote Options for POCUS in a Pandemic

With increased patient loads and the urgent need to control the spread of COVID-19, it may be time to click the button for real-time telemedicine. Clarius offers two options to monitor, guide and review ultrasound exams from a distance.

Clarius Live Real Time Broadcast

With Clarius live, you can broadcast live ultrasound imaging to any standard web browser on desktop and mobile devices. Clinicians can interact with 2-way audio and video from the scanning device. The viewer can identify parts of anatomy by simply tapping the ultrasound image. Clarius live is a standard application on every scanner. Learn more.

Clarius Cast Live Streaming to Multiple Smart Devices

Connect up to five smart devices to an active Clarius scanner for viewing real-time exams with Clarius Cast on any Clarius Scanner.  Simply enable settings on the scanning device and ensure each connecting device is running the same version of the Clarius App, which is available from the Apple or Google Plays stores. Clarius Cast has a radius of 20 meters.

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