Why Clarius Should Be Your First Ultrasound System

If you’re new to ultrasound imaging and the prospect of spending $20,000 to $80,000 is a barrier to purchasing a system of your own, we have good news for you. Medical professionals like you are choosing to invest in a new class of ultrasound machines for a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

For example, Dr. Michael Czurylo from the Northwest Foot and Ankle Institute in Washington State recently purchased a Clarius L15 HD for his new practice. “I find the cost affordable, when compared to other imaging modalities. This is especially important when you are starting a business,” he explains.

Let’s explore eight reasons we think a Clarius handheld ultrasound system is ideal for you.

1. You’ll learn to use it quickly.

Clarius is almost as easy as using a camera on your smart phone. There are no complex buttons or knobs to master. Using the intuitive interface on the iOS or Android App, simply tap, pinch and slide on your touch screen to operate the scanner. You’ll be able to choose from AI-powered presets to instantly adjust your image. Download the Clarius App on the Apple App Store and Google Play to try it in Demo Mode. Or schedule a demo with us.

2. You’ll get an image you can trust.

Every Clarius scanner has 8 beamformers, which is the same advanced technology that you’ll find in high-end ultrasound systems. Most handheld scanners have 1 or 2. With Clarius, you’ll get exceptional, detailed imaging to make a confident diagnosis. Our Octal beamforming technology offers 8x faster frame rates, even for deep imaging. See what our users have to say about Clarius image quality.

3. You’ll find one that’s tailored to your specialty.

We know that one multipurpose ultrasound scanner isn’t right for every clinician. That’s why we designed seven handheld ultrasound scanners to meet the need of clinicians in every specialty. Talk to an expert to help you choose the option that will deliver the image quality you require for your practice.

4. You’ll be able to manage exams and write reports on a free portal.

We’ve made it easy to store, access, review and share ultrasound exams you capture with Clarius. Access to the HIPAA-compliant Clarius Cloud will be included with your purchase. You can access your exams from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Using the built-in PDF reporting tool, you can generate detailed reports for consultations and billing.

5. You’ll find it fits anywhere, you can even carry it in your pocket.

There’s no need to worry about finding floor space to park your ultrasound tower. Clarius fits on any counter or in the pocket of your lab coat or scrubs! Compact, wireless and app-based, you can easily carry Clarius from patient to patient, office to office and in your carry-on when travelling. It pairs with most current iOS and Android device using Wi-Fi direct, which means you don’t need an Internet connection to use it. Since Clarius is battery operated, you can charge the batteries in advance. And with no wires to clean, you’ll find it’s fast to disinfect your Clarius between patients.

6. You’ll have continuous battery power to scan patients, every time.

You don’t want to run out of power for your handheld ultrasound scanner when you’re with a patient. We’ve got you covered – Clarius is the only wireless scanner with a removable battery!  

An optional accessory, the Clarius 2-in-1 Charging Station delivers a continuous supply of battery power by combining a dock so that you can charge your Clarius HD handheld scanner and a spare battery simultaneously.

7. You can easily request a second opinion.

As a Clarius user, there are two ways you can share images for a second opinion. Share links to an exam without patient data from the Clarius Cloud by typing in the recipient’s email. Or use the free Clarius Live One-Button Telemedicine option to get real-time feedback during an exam.

8. You’ll have options to suit your budget.

Clarius handheld ultrasound scanners start at just US $4,900. We also offer flexible financing options with monthly payments as low as US $99.

Our all-inclusive pricing includes a 3-year warranty, unlimited cloud storage for unlimited users and 14-day risk free return policy. There are never additional subscription fees.

Contact us today to explore which Clarius HD scanner would be right for your practice, or book a demo to see the difference high definition ultrasound imaging can make in delivering the best patient care.

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