[VIDEO] How Ultrasound Changed My Practice and Increased Profitability

When Trent Brereton, ND, switched his practice four years ago to focus primarily on injection therapy, he often woke up worrying about the patients he had treated the previous day.  

I got sick and tired about worrying where my needle tip was during the day and it was an absolute waste of time and energy for me; it was highly motivating to get into ultrasound,” he explains. “It has changed my practice. It has improved my bottom line. It’s improved outcomes. I’m safer. It has changed my practice in many, many different ways. All for the better.” 

After diving into ultrasound training two years ago, Dr. Brereton has become a passionate advocate. He now co-owns West Coast Injection Training, which focuses on teaching naturopathic doctors, medical physicians, and nurses to perform ultrasound-guided injections. He also teaches for Sports Medicine Ultrasound Canada, which trains sports medicine specialists, emergency physicians, and surgeons on how to do ultrasound-guided injections. 

When you’re injecting using landmark guidance, you can have a feel, but at the end of the day, you do not know exactly where your needle tip is because everyone’s anatomy is a little bit different. And even as a skilled land marker with good palpation skills and good understanding of anatomy, there’s always variation in human anatomy and their specificity.” 

We recently had to opportunity to sit down with Dr. Brereton during a break at one of his courses. Watch our video interview to hear what he likes about the new Clarius HD3 handheld wireless scanner and how using ultrasound-guided injections has improved profitability and grown his practice by 30%. 

Image Clarity You Can Trust for Pain Management 

Dr. Brereton uses the Clarius L7 HD3 handheld wireless scanner at his practice in Cranbrook, British Columbia, and during his courses. It has eight times the processing power of most handheld ultrasound systems, enabling sharp and clear imaging of tiny nerves and surrounding anatomy to perform injections with confidence.  

Visit our pain management page to learn which scanner is right for your practice, or contact us today to schedule a virtual demo

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