Clarius Joins with Partners to Create an AI-driven Ultrasound Platform that will bring real-time medical imaging to rural and remote communities

Clarius’ mission to bring affordable ultrasound imaging to more clinicians is getting a major boost with its participation in the Intelligent Network for Point-of-Care Ultrasound Project from Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster announced last week

Part of the Canadian government’s $950-million Innovation Superclusters Initiative, this project validates Clarius’ ongoing vision that Clarius ultrasound scanners will transform healthcare delivery by putting real-time medical imaging technology into the hands of practitioners such as family doctors – in effect, replacing the stethoscope in the coming decade.

Medical ultrasound imaging is widely accepted as a safe and fast diagnostic method. However, scarce access to scanning equipment and the physicians’ need for specialized training to interpret scans has been a barrier to more widespread use.  Clarius and its partners will tackle these challenges head on in this project.

This Supercluster project combines machine learning research from the University of British Columbia, an Enterprise cloud platform from Change Healthcare, clinical expertise of Providence Health Care and the Rural Coordination Centre of BC, and Clarius’ industry-leading handheld ultrasound scanner.  The goal is to create a new class of AI tools that will provide precise visual feedback to clinicians and reduce the need for specialized training. 

We’re very excited to be part of this amazing team that is leading the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Supercluster project,” said Clarius CEO Laurent Pelissier.  “We started Clarius to bring ultrasound to more people and it’s fantastic that we’re able to collaborate with innovators at other local organizations that share the same goal.  We’re grateful that we’re able to accelerate our efforts with the support of the Supercluster initiative.”

Clarius ultrasound scanners are known for their ease-of-use and class-leading image quality.  Their lightweight form factor and app-based connectivity make them easy to transport, and their relatively-low cost make them easy to acquire for rural and remote communities.  This project will further increase the growing community of Clarius users, and the AI tools created from this project will spur widespread adoption of ultrasound imaging technology first in British Columbia, then around the world – improving healthcare outcomes in immeasurable ways.

Learn more about the Intelligent Network for Point-of-Care Ultrasound project here.

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