[VIDEO] « Handheld Ultrasound Has Helped Me Save Lives, » Says Rural Physician, Dr. Virginia Robinson

Dr. Virginia Robinson is one of a dedicated group of physicians delivering emergency, maternity, and hospital care in a remote ski resort community that is a long drive away from hospital medical imaging. She was delighted when a government innovation initiative brought handheld ultrasound to her community two years ago.

Handheld ultrasound has made an incredible difference to rural physicians where we don’t have CT scans, where we don’t have diagnostic ultrasound, and it has really leveled the playing field in terms of rural patients receiving the same level of care that you can get in the city,” she explains. “Ultrasound has helped me save lives. It gives me the joy of diagnostic certainty so I can treat patients immediately.”

Dr. Robinson and her colleagues have been using the Clarius C3 HD3, a multipurpose wireless handheld ultrasound system that enables clinicians to scan from the abdomen to the extremities with just one wireless scanner in hand.

When I see a patient that I would like to use ultrasound to diagnose a certain condition, I pull out my phone, I pull out my handheld ultrasound, I place my ultrasound over the organ that I wish to interrogate, and I click an app on my phone and voilà, I get an image on my phone where I am seeing into the body. Instead of listening with my stethoscope or feeling with my hands, I can see the organ in live time.”

To learn more about how Dr. Robinson is using Clarius ultrasound to narrow differential diagnoses quickly, watch her 4-minute video interview.

About Clarius Ultrasound for Primary Care 

With high-definition imaging and automated settings, Clarius wireless ultrasound is the ultimate stethoscope for primary care physicians to answer clinical questions fast. You’ll love the high portability, ease of use, and superior imaging of the Clarius C3 HD3 multipurpose scanner for full-body imaging. Confirm your clinical diagnosis instantly, without a referral, to get your next patient on the best treatment plan fast.

Book a virtual demo with a Clarius expert in your region to learn more about bringing handheld ultrasound to your practice.

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